Yokkao Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Review 2021

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Want an escape from your trashy gloves or want a new pair? No matter what your position is, a rule of thumb can be a lifesaver. That is, Muay Thai is not Western boxing! They originated from different regions and that’s why they have different rules, require different tactics.

As the game is different, the gears are to be distinct. Most people make a terrible mistake here and go with boxing gloves. As a result, those expensive gloves make their way to the trash can after a few months.

Even with the Muay Thai gloves, the problem doesn’t end. There’s still a bunch of requirements for different fighters. Deeper knowledge about gloves will help you to stand out.  To meet that need we chose Yokkao, the most popular brand in Muay Thai gears, and described every step of choosing a glove. 

Why is Yokkao so popular?

Started only about a decade ago, Yokkao has become a hot cake now. Currently, they are thriving in the market like that ferocious tiger on their logo. A simple trick lies behind this massive success- they made a fusion between the effective designs and fighters’ demand.

Yokkao Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Features Review

They make gloves for different needs of different types of fighters. No matter if you are a beginner or have some experience under your belt, you can use their products.

There are gloves of different materials and sizes. You have to use different pairs for training purposes and also for sparing. Below we have categorized the gloves according to their aspects and effectiveness.

Huge gloves collection by Yokkao


Size is the primary consideration to be made. Yokkao makes gloves of different sizes. This is determined according to the size of your fist. But there are some shortcuts to measure.

Generally, it is proportional to body weight. Up to 12oz gloves will shoot you if you weigh 125 lb. But if you can do with up to 14oz if you are of 180 lbs. If you are more than that, 18oz gloves will shoot you best.

Another factor must be considered. You don’t need a heavy glove in the training seasons. Heavy pair of gloves will create hindrance to the free movement of your hand which ultimately results in fatigue.

That’s why go for a lighter version of gloves for training and choose heavier for sparring. It will help you to sharpen up your skill set and also give you proper protection in the fight.   


Yokkao makes matrix gloves that are crafted using genuine leather. Besides, they use synthetic or artificial leather in some cases.

Synthetic leather gloves are comparatively newer than the original leather ones and they are relatively cheaper. But synthetics tend to wear out over time. Besides, they cannot give the premium fillings that the genuine leather offers.

Recently, there are microfiber leather built gloves that are creating a buzz. These gloves are built so brilliantly that they can even challenge the regime of pure leather.

Yokkao gives much priority to cowhide leather and makes most of its gloves using this material. This allows them to offer a tough pair of gloves that will last long. Moreover, the experience you get from these matrix gloves is awesome.   


Durability influences a lot in decision making. If you bought a cheaper one that lasts for a shorter period is nothing but a waste of money. A costly pair can be considered as a one-time purchase.

Artificial leather is such a material that traps heat. As there’s a little chance of ventilation, that heat piles up inside the gloves and harms the microfibers. That’s why these gloves last for a shorter period.

On the other hand, animal leather has poured to drain the heat. As there is less heat, it tends to get less vulnerable to wear. Besides, the odor cannot be concentrated inside the glove.

You can use all leather built gloves twice as much time as the synthetic ones. Leather gloves may seem costlier during the purchase it serves twice than its counterpart.

Weight and Weight Distribution

As you know by now, the weight of the glove has to be calibrated with your body mass. Besides, you need different pairs of training and sparring. Most of the trainers recommend 12 oz. to 14 oz. gloves for the beginners.

Weight distribution is another key factor that needs great attention. But most of the brands won’t let you know about this. But without proper weight distribution, a pair of gloves with splendid specifications can seem pale.

Yokkao gives a compact design in all of its gloves. This design features a good room for the thumb. Besides, ample space for the fist. This creates a balance and helps the weight of the gloves to be distributed properly.


Padding is an important part of the glove that helps to minimize the impact of any certain force. As Muay Thai is different from western boxing, padding that is similar to those gloves is irrelevant here.

You need to have padding distributed evenly on the surface of the glove. This design is particularly helpful to resist kicks and defend properly. Like other Thai brands Yokkao has adopted the even distribution of padding but enhanced it professionally.

You can find several layers of padding in the heavier gloves. This gives complete protection of your fist during the combat. Several layers efficiently minimize the impact than a single-layered one.  

Yokkao does have less padding in their entry-level gloves. These lighter gloves are perfect for training purposes where you don’t encounter any kicks. There are very few reports of fist injuries from the users of Yokkao gloves, thanks to the brilliant multi-layer padding. 


Stitching on the gloves are important for maintaining the effectiveness and also for protecting the gloves. In some cases, they serve the aesthetics. That’s why those stitches need to be durable.

Yokkao uses high-quality threads to make the stitches last longer. They even use multi-layer stitching in the heavier versions. In their premium gloves, where lots of vibrant designs are in the play, the stitches have an important role in providing an aggressive look.

Those stitches are crafted carefully in all the gloves. Special attention in detailing has been given in the visible areas. You can barely complain about their craftsmanship. In the leather variants, the stitches last even longer.


You can find a bunch of designs in Yokkao gloves. They have matt finished gloves, pained variants, skull painting on the body, petroleum colored gloves, and many more. They offer a huge variety of colors.

Everything on the gloves presents a sporty look that makes these gloves stand out. Some gloves tend to lose color rapidly. But as for the Yokkao gloves, color fades slowly.

They used to print their logo in 3D animation just under the palm section. But these logos were at constant risk of fading which is not good for maintaining the sporty look. Now they have replaced those prints and introduced an embroidered version. Yokkao gloves look more premium now only for this tiny change.


During sparring, you need to bring the most out of you. But this only happens when you are comfortable with your gloves. Sweating is a common problem that every fighter faces during the combat. That’s why gloves have different techniques to minimize this problem.

As genuine leather has tiny holes in them, they let the heat go. Once the heat is gone, you feel less suffocated in the fist and sweat less. But with the artificial leather gloves, this problem cannot be mitigated.

Yokkao provides mesh in the gloves that help to eradicate heat. This option is especially beneficial when you are using these gloves in spare. Besides, the soft padding and leather finish also makes the experience a lot better.

Lace vs Velcro

This one can be a topic of debate! Some prefer lace as they do not come off during the combat. But others prefer Velcro for its simplicity. Besides, you need another person to help you put on the lace gloves.

But the Velcro tends to fail over time. The glove may not fit properly on your fist if it is loosened. Yokkao has solved the problem by replacing the old type of Velcro with more durable ones.


Yokkao offers great flexibility in terms of price. The price varies according to size, material, and design. Usually, the price varies from 80 to 135 USD. But they have sales at different times of the years with a considerable amount of discount.


Q: Can I use boxing gloves?

A: You only can use boxing gloves for training purposes as they don’t have all-round padding to protect you from kicks.

Q: Can these gloves endure heavy stress?

A: Heavier Muay Thai gloves are capable of enduring tough combats and still can last for long. Genuine leather built gloves tends to last even longer than a couple of years.

Final thoughts

Yokkao is a brand that gives you the flexibility to choose gloves according to your need and budget. This versatility along with prominent quality has made them the top-notch brand in Muay Thai sport. Surely, you will fall in love with Yokkao Muay Thai gloves after using them. 

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