Tokaido Karate Gi Review

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Karate can be described as a sport of discipline. And discipline requires a perfect environment as well as perfect attire to make you feel ready for whatever is coming in front of you. And to help you out with this matter, this article has decided to bring the review of Tokaido karate gi in your sight.

Gi is the uniform you need to wear as an athlete or student of this sport. It makes sure you have an accurate form and posture and fits you into the dojo. So without much ado, let’s jump deeper to know this product better.

Features of Tokaido Karate Gi

Tokaido mainly maintains that their uniform is designed and crafted in a way that it puts up an impression of its own to the person who appears in the competition. It portrays as a persona of its own; it wants you to look intimidating in front of your opponent and make you look tough and composed as well.


This product is made with great care and authenticity it represents for its athletes. The company is mainly situated in Japan, and also the exporting is done from Japan. It is designed in Japanese style cut but has smaller sleeves and pants, just like the usual traditional karate gi.

Superior Quality

What you require on this game is focus, and for focusing, you need to maintain a zero-distraction environment. Making sure nothing in the way bothers you is a task itself.

So, keeping your comfort in mind, this uniform is made of 100% superior quality. It is made of the best brand of cotton, and it’s only going to feel soft and right on your body.

As this comes from the homeland of karate, this gi has a quality only the original masters could provide. The quality and style are just perfect. Tokaido TSA style uniform is a high-level karate gi. This product has been developed in 100 with high-quality cotton. It always offers the best and nothing less.

Heavy Weight and Draw-Sight Waist

This uniform is genuinely very comfortable to wear and fits just right. So, uncomfortable clothing will never be an issue in the game. This heavyweight uniform has around 1.8 to 1.9 kg of weight. The draw-sight waist is there so that you can adjust the pants properly to the size of your waist while using the belt.

And the company has kept all your necessities and comfort in their mind while designing it.


Quality and Comfort

This karate gi is perfect for serious practitioners of karate. Durability is immense in this karate gi; this uniform can last years of active use. It can take high utilization without any issue. The stitching on this karate gi is fantastic, so even after massive use, any kind of tearing should not occur.

As this is made of 100% cotton, staining will be much less of an occurrence, and it feels good as no polyester is in the cloth blend. Martial arts require a lot of elegance in your movements, so if you get this product which offers comfortable maneuverability, you will be completely sorted.

The pants are comfortable, and the draw-string allows for the karate gi to be properly tied around your waist. Heavyweight karate gi is usually 1.8-1.9 kg, and this product is that heavy, so serious karate aficionados can properly utilize it..

Size and Fit

As the fitness of the uniform is concerned, you are well aware by now that this is a heavyweight uniform considering it has weight around 1.8-1.9 kg. Moreover, the draw-string waist you can use a belt to make it fit around your waist.

The sizes of the uniform are designed in a way so that you have no difficulty to move. It is made with mostly shorter sleeves and pants.


As this product is very open and large, it can allow for a lot of air to pass through when you are practicing karate. And that is a very important aspect for a karate gi because if a karate gi is stuffy, it won’t be comfortable and fun while practicing.

So, keeping that in mind, this product is designed in a way to eliminate stuffiness and maximize comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into the frequently asked questions about the Tokaido Karate Gi.

1. Is the Tokaido gi available in black?

Choosing for the black uniform gives you the liberty to know if your source is authentic enough as only authentic companies supply their gi in black. So yes, to answer your question, they are available in black.

2. Does the Tokaido gi also come in tournament-cut?

Yes, they do. People usually wear their traditional-cut gi for training purposes, and their tournament-cut gi when there is some kind of competition.

3. Is the Tokaido gi made from special #10 cotton?

Yes, they are. The #10 cotton is the reason why the uniform tends to be so soft and comfortable to wear. But as it is a sport of strength, this comfortable, warm wear is also very durable.

4. Is the Tokaido uniform available with the JKA logo?

Only the authentic ones are available with the JKA logo, as well as the “Red Fist” logo along with the “ISKF” logo.

5. Is the Tokaido karate gi rated as 14 oz?

Well, no, they are never rated as 14 oz. If you find some uniform that is rated as such, it is probably not from an authentic place.

Final Words

As you have an extensive Tokaido karate gi review, you are now well aware of all the benefits and drawbacks as well as all the required information you need to know about this product. So make your decision wisely if you want to purchase this gi or not, and start your training with smoothness and ease.

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