Title Double-End Bag Review

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It’s not just about strength, boxing is a complete sport that requires the peak of you. Boxers are strong, no doubt, but they possess some subtle skills that are required to keep the game going on.

Rhythm, accuracy, and quickness are the key factors that help to sustain the momentum. Then comes the strength to knock the opponent off. As these skills are categorized under two distinct skill sets, their training methods are different.

If you need to train yourself for better coordination and achieve an effective action, you have to knock the door of a double end bag!  

What is a double end bag?

Simply put, a double end bag is gym equipment that is restricted by both its end. It is bounded by two elastic cords that go into the side hooks of the bag. The bag moves in the direction of the applied force and quickly bounces back because of its elasticity.

This rapid movement by the bag helps to simulate a real-life condition where the opponent tends to move freely. This type of behavior by the bag is useful for building coordination of the punch.  

Materials and set up technique

The double end bag is a small-sized circular bag. It has the mechanism to trap air inside it and acts as an obstacle. Leather is the primary choice when it comes down to the shell of the bag. Several layers of stitching protect the bag.

Title Boxing is a prominent brand that has many years of expertise in making premium boxing equipment. Title double-end bag simply follows the current tend but does that more stylishly. You can feel the lavishness of the premium all-leather built shell.

Besides, the O-ring attachments on both sides are sturdy enough to endure heavy forces for a longer period. This double end bag comes with twin ply leather attachments that are individually 3.5-inch long. Moreover, the bungee cords are also included.

As the manufacturer has put all those accessories in the box, the hassle of buying proper attachments is mitigated. Simply, unbox it and position it in the right spot. Firstly, you need to pump enough air into the bag so that it is inflated. Then place the leather attachment and insert those given bungee cords.

Once the bag setup is ready, you can tie those ends of the bungee cords with two hooks- one that is inserted into the ground and another in the roof. Resize the bungee cords to achieve the perfect height.

Another factor that has to be noticed is the tension in the bungee cords. Set the tension on the cords by fastening the cords properly with the hooks. Less tension won’t give you the desired level of recoil.     

Pros and Cons of Title Boxing Double End bag

Title Boxing puts so many features into a single bag which ultimately proves a great experience for the user. For that reason, their products grab their attention so easily. The list below depicts why it is worth the money.

Though you get these cool features, some flaws cannot go under the radar.

Benefits of training with double end bag

By now you know that this bag is used for improving the coordination of punch. But that’s not all. Tones of benefits are waiting!

1. Speedy hand movement

Hand movement is the factor that determines how precisely you can hit the target. Besides, speed is important to dodge the opponent and get control over the game. Though other equipment helps to develop strength and stamina, it’s impossible to increase punch speed without a double end bag.

That’s why the title boxing double end bag offers faster recoil. The tension in the all-leather shell comes very handily for this purpose. Moreover, the bungee cords are in perfect sync with the bag to further enhance the rapid movement ability.  

2. Boosts reflex

A double end bag constantly moves along the horizontal plane. But the recoil speed and angle may not be the same always. That’s why during the training, you are in a conscious state. This cautiousness ultimately develops sync of punching and connecting and boosts your reflex.   

3. Trains to deal with miss punch

Miss punch is not an unknown phenomenon in boxing. You cannot get a hundred percent accuracy while landing a punch on a target. That’s why you need to learn about dealing with miss punches.

With its rapid moves, a double end bag tends to dodge you. This apparent ‘evil’ actually helps you to simulate a miss punch scenario. Once you go deeper into it, you will learn how to avoid miss punches and save energy.

4. Enhances accuracy

Once you have learned how to manage miss punch, you will notice that your accuracy is improved. The same rapid moves by the double end bag also help you to improve the punch accuracy.

Drawbacks of training with a double end bag

With the double bag training, you are being trained for a perfectly synchronized punch. But it doesn’t complete the training fully. This training doesn’t boost your strength and stamina. For that, you need sandbag training. 

Q: Can beginners use Title Boxing’s double end bag?

A: Of course! You can start training with this bag and will also need it when you reach the expert level. All sorts of boxers can use it.

Q: How to perfectly position the bag?

A: You can adjust the height of the bag by adjusting the bungee cord setup that goes through the O-ring. 

You can’t just ignore a double end bag training if you have the zeal of boxing. Even if you are into such training, improper equipment can cause harm. But as for the Title Boxing double end bag, you can trust it.

It’s a great design by an experienced manufacturer that builds it with great precision. All the premium build materials help to last long and boost their performance. Besides, all the extensions are included which is a nice touch.

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