Shureido Karate Gi Review 2021

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If the discussion is about Karate uniform, I must mention Shureido Karate Gi. Apart from personal preferences, this karate Gi has impressive impressions on the famous karate practitioners and has its perks as well. Being one of the best brands from the very birthplace of the karate itself, Shureido has deliberately served the karate community with one of the best and highest quality karate uniforms in the market. For the last few years, this fantastic product has been one of the best picks for karate enthusiasts and practitioners.


As a professional karate practitioner and overly enthusiast, I would like to let you be informed about the details of this perfect karate uniform. Without any further due, let’s get to know Shureido Karate Gi.



Shureido karate Gi is one of the best products from the infamous Shureido who is responsible for fantastic karate wears for a long time. Shureido is a quite familiar name in the karate community, and they are famous for their comfortable and long-lasting wear. 


In addition to this, Shureido offers its specialized crafting and manufacturer methods to provide the best quality products. The main focus of the production is to give the karate enthusiasts the best quality and durable karate uniforms that will not only be an excellent value for the money and vintage-looking karate wear as well. This uniform comes with the loose cut design and the Japanese linen canvas.


Did you know the Shureido is originated at Okinawa in Japan? Yes, you guessed right. This is the birthplace of karate itself. This also ensures a lot about product quality partially. 

Tough Wear For Tough People

Shureido karate Gi has one of the best production histories. Though the production is done with the best hands and sophisticated designs, they take a legitimate amount of time to make sure of the quality after the production. It comes with the traditional Japanese loose cut design and has a comfortable fabric. It might be warm inside, but you can continue your longer-term practice sessions with the wear. It is easy to practice when you are pleased with your uniform.

Materials and Stitching Gone Right

Shureido karate Gi is made of the old school Japanese linen canvas cotton, which is not only highly appreciated but also is an entirely genuine fabric for the karate uniforms. This is both comfortable and durable at the same time. 


On the other hand, the stitching of the product is quite stronger and reinforced. This makes sure the durability in some more extents. Karate requires an extreme level of practice, and it is evident that your uniform needs to be rock solid in its way. This fantastic product can keep up with this promise.



Quality and Comfort

With the famous brand and the years of experimentation with the expert karate designs, Shureido delivers the most effective Gis to keep up with the product quality. All the products on the production line go through proper quality control and testing before reaching the market. With the best quality fabric and expert designs, the Shureido karate Gi is one of the perfect picks for both comfort and long-lasting practice sessions.

Size and Fit

The Karate wear comes in different sizes. The core intention is to cover up all age ranges of karate practitioners. They have a chart of different kind of body shapes and size, and they categorized them into 00, 0, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, 4½, 5, 5½. 6, 6½, and finally, 7. 


As higher the number goes, the size and shape get a bit bigger, which you can have your perfect pick from the vast category.     


As you will be working for a more extended period, and most of the early training will be physical, your body needs enough amount of air. A tight Gi or extremely loosen up Gi can not help you in the long run. 


To keep you naturally fit and make the wear breathable, the design of the Shureido Karate Gi is a bit loose. You cannot move ideally in tight wear. A effectively loosen up Gi can be a blessing in your practice sessions, which is precisely this. A loose cut Gi with comfortable cotton makes the product perfectly compatible with the karate practitioners. 

Final thought

In Japan, the birthplace of karate itself, the karate masters, and the enthusiasts are always trying to make a better environment, tool, wear, or even practices. This is to help the karate community from all over the globe, and I believe The Shureido Karate Gi is one of their best gifts to the karate community. So you are getting a recommendation not just from a regular karate enthusiast but the best karate masters from Japan. 


Of course, you can make your daily karate practice more effective and lively with this fantastic product. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it available in XXL size?

A: Yes, this is available. You can check with the size patterns first.


Q: How often do I have to clean the Gi?

A: It depends on the usage. It is recommended that you should wash your uniform at least one time in a week.


Q: I like the outfit, but it has a loose cut design that might not fit me. What should I do?

A: They have different kinds of sizes. For example, If you are trying to get the 6½ sized Gi, instead of that, you can try the size-six if you have comfortability issues with a loose cut.


Q: is the product manufactured in Japan?

A: Yes, the products are made in Japan, and they have several production houses in several places as well. 

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