Seishin karate Gi review 2021

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Seishin Karate Gi is one of the best out-fit for karate enthusiasts and practitioners. The famous karate blogger; Jesse Enkamp introduced the karate world with this fantastic product. Seishin Karate Gi is one of the unique practice uniforms for karate practitioners. After the introduction of this product, Seishin karate Gi got a massive response from the community. This product has its perks to having this kind of popularity.


This is a crowd-funded product. A few famous names such as Patrick McCarthy, Iain Abernethy, and many more are involved with the manufacture and distribution of this product. Being recommended by all those reputed karate practitioners and masters, Seishin karate Gi got its place among the high-value products for karate practice.


Let’s get to know about this fantastic product.


Basic Colors

For karate practitioners, the color of the uniform is quite essential. Most of the practitioners like to have the basic white color uniform. The Seishin karate Gi comes in two primary colors: Black and White. You can easily pick the basic outfit from the selection.

Quality Fabric

The first thing in the day to day wear, we all notice the materials. Are they comfortable? Are they easy to use or easy to wash? In response to all these questions, Seishin Karate Gi is one of the best picks. This product is made of 100 percent cotton fiber.


Most of the karate costumes are generally heavy-weight. This makes the training a bit hard. This product is unique for this specific feature. It might look like a heavy-weight product by appearance, but it feels quite lighter than most of the products in the market.


For a lighter material, you get a light and comfortable experience while practicing. On the other hand, the air passing and breathability is impressive on this product. The sewing and stitching are quite perfect as it needs to be.


Comfortable Wear

You cannot possibly think of a uniform with heavyweight material and a non-breathable environment and maximum comfort at the same time. Karate practice is not something comfortable. It is meant to be a highly energetic, focused, hard-working session.


To make sure the practitioners have less pressure in the uniform, the Seishin karate Gi comes up with less weight, extra breathability, and the lightest material such as cotton fiber. This provides you the maximum comfort under the wear. For being a lightweight product, it is one of the most comfortable wears in the market.   

Extra Mobility


Karate means extra mobility and agility. You need to move more and faster than the average physical exercise. Comfortable wear is all you need to have for all these extra movements. You cannot move more quickly if you have extra heavy clothing.


This fantastic product provides you the extra agility for its light-weight material and easy to go constructions. 


Crowd-Funded Product

The popular karate masters and practitioners highly recommend this product because they are directly incorporated with the production of this wear. They tried to get you a relaxing and long-lasting uniform for your practice.


This product is crowd-funded, and karate practitioners are highly interested in the development of this product. When you get the ideas from several karate masters and experienced practitioners, you get the high-value product for an adequate amount of money. Here comes the Seishin Karate Gi. 

Easy To Wash

A significant query for any wearable is the washing, and it has its reason to be there. Washing regular wear can be tricky. When we are talking about karate wear, it is easily assumed that the uniform will be dirtier than the other clothes. The extra practice makes you engage more in karate skill development, but it will leave you with a dirty dress. The Seishin Karate Gi is one of the exceptions in this criteria. This fantastic product is easily washable. You can just put your costume in the washing machine, or you can wash your clothes with the water and washing powder. It is highly recommended that you should use warm water for a better result. 



Quality and Comfort

Speaking of the best quality wears, Seishin karate Gi has to be mentioned. As we mentioned earlier, This uniform is designed and developed by the karate masters themselves.

Who can know about the comfort zone for the karate practice better than the karate masters? Here we have an idea about the comfort zone of this fantastic product.

This specific product is developed from time to time, and it makes a difference in practice sessions as well. Several karate practitioners, both the experienced masters and the learners, provide their opinions about the quality of this product, and surprisingly, all are quite a positive outcome. The premium quality materials and old methodology make the product worthy of the usage.

Size and Fit

The product comes in different sizes. The dimensions are defined by the several heights, body shapes, and comfort layers of the karate practitioners. The sizes can be defined as below

  • 160 cm
  • 165 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 175 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 190 cm
  • 195 cm


These sizes can be selected on different body shapes and entirely covers all kind of body shapes as well.



The materials that are used in this product are quite lightweight and smooth. The proper combination for wear that has the breathability feature is right there. Cotton fiber itself has enough space to let the air pass in the unit amount. When the product is already made, it has the design and engineering to make it breathable.

Final Thought

In the search for the best karate wear, you don’t need to go for a long way. You can look for the criteria you have, the environment you are in, and the comfort zone of yours. What can be the next best addition to all of these? The experienced advice, of course.

Seishin Karate Gi is one of those products which have the recommendations from the karate masters themselves. You can easily rely on the recommendations from the teachers and have your karate practice journey quite smoother.


Q: Is available in extra large size?

A: Yes, you can check the 190 cm. It might fit perfectly.

Q: Can I use it for regular daily practice?

A: Yes, you can use it for regular practice sessions

Q: How can I wash it?

A: You can wash it in the conventional way you wash your clothes. Yet, using warm water is a recommendation.


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