Reebok Boxing shoes review 2020

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We are way past behind the days when the technique mattered the most in a match. In recent times, accessories worn in a fight are just as important as the skills. As a result, footwear is one of the most crucial parts to consider in a boxing match. The new release of Reebok boxing shoe has created a surge in demand in the market. This boxing shoe is not like any typical boxing boots. Reebok, as a manufacturer, has always focused on quality over quantity. It’s not often they release new products in the market, but when they do, they try to make sure it’s on point with the design aesthetics and the fit.


So, if you are not sure what makes this new launch the perfect footwear in a boxing match, keep reading the review to find out!


Application & uses

Reebok boxing shoe, as the name suggests, is designed keeping the aspiring boxers in mind. It is a very important accessory a professional boxer use for having a firm grip on the ground while fighting. Good footwork will cause ease of movement and stability; thus, enhancing the performance during a boxing match. Moreover, the aesthetic look and comfort make it suitable for other purposes, such as working out in a gym or running.

First and foremost, boxing shoes should feel light and comfortable to wear, and Reebok does exactly this with this particular pair. Especially for someone inexperienced, this shoe is a complete package in terms of design and performance.

Key features

This boxing pair is a mid-cut shoe. As opposed to a low-cut shoe, it provides more stability to the user’s ankle. Unlike other boxing shoes available, this shoe comes with an extra strap. Hence, it instantly attracted the boxing athletes, standing out amongst a million other shoes in the market. This extra strap allows for further stability around the ankles. As a result, this allows you to retain your balance more easily during fights.

The shoe is made of synthetic leather, making it more breathable and non-slippery. Moreover, this helps maneuvers convenient, making your movements more flexible. You can’t go wrong with this shoe; this footwear gives complete control over your movements. Once you strap it to your legs, you can just focus on the boxing techniques. You can bid farewell to the thoughts of slipping with these shoes.

Besides, the rubber sole is made of makes for a good grip with the ground as it provides more friction. Slipping up with this shoe during a fight or even in harsh conditions shouldn’t be a concern.

This shoe is also very versatile. You can use this shoe for other purposes that don’t relate to boxing. For instance, it can be used in a gym for working out or even by heavy lifters due to the exceptional stability this shoe provides. 

This shoe also comes with good padding, making it very comfortable to wear. So, wearing it for more than a few hours won’t make your legs go sore!! So, rest assured of that. 

Now, these shoes do come with laces. But that’s not an issue as the straps will easily do the trick to fit it to your legs if you want to avoid using the laces. Laces can be a hassle to deal with at times, so this touch from reebok impressed me a lot.

This shoe is very well stitched; the stitching work they did on this shoe makes wearing it very easy. The fabric is extremely comfortable; you can wear for long hours and don’t have to worry about sweat or odor. 

Athletes are sponsored by established companies; hence, their health is regarded very highly. This Reebok shoe gives protection to the ankles because of its sturdy and aesthetic design; allowing the fighter to put his complete focus on the match. 

Despite its charming aesthetics the build quality of this shoe is very strong and sturdy and can hold itself to the harsh environments. This is also one of the most durable shoes out there. With this shoe, reebok found a very good blend of design aesthetics and build quality that other boxing shoes fail to offer.



Design & texture

Right out of the box, you see these premium boxing shoes made of synthetic leather. This leather makes the shoe more breathable and flexible. The outer sole is made of rubber, which allows greater shock absorption and very good friction to the ground.

The shoe also looks very stylish, which is a plus point considering how comforting it is to wear. However, Reebok is making an effort to keep up with the trend, and also making it as comfortable and efficient as possible.

It’s very lightweight and made of high-quality materials. Even if you are not a boxer, the flexing and control you can get with this footwear are worth noting.

Also, the range of sizes they provide ensures everyone finds a perfect fit for themselves.


It comes in 3 different color variants, so people with different tastes would be able to choose from these options. The first choice is the most common one color of all – black reebok boxing shoes. However, if you don’t like a solid black shoe, then there is a black & white version for more casual users. There is another bold and stylish choice of color that is the combination of Red & white. They are all priced the same so, you have a wide range of colors to choose from, which will make you look stylish and also help in fights.

However, there is a problem with the design. Even though this shoe designed integrating amazing features, it made the tip of the shoe very narrow. It is completely covered, making it uncomfortable to wear. Moreover, the foot gets sweaty pretty easily, irritating especially on wet surfaces.


Overall, Reebok nailed all the specifications and features with this shoe. Shoes are not an accessory to show off in any sports; especially, in boxing, it is a necessity. For professional boxers, a shoe is usually the second most important thing after boxing gloves. The grip in the ground is of vital importance, and the pressure that you exert on the ground with the help of the shoe plays a really important part. Hence buying a high-quality pair of shoes and a durable sole should be the ultimate objective for boxers. This new Reebok boxing shoes certainly ticks all the boxes and achieves everything a boxer would want in his footwear. It is light, breathable, sturdy, and very flexible, resulting in giving its user complete control over its movement.

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