Muay Thai Shin Conditioning – The Ultimate Guide

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A saying goes that the more your condition your shin, the stronger you will get. Muay Thai shin conditioning is a long-term process. It helps to increase the strength and elasticity of your shin. You can withstand more force and strikes at a time. For a Muay Thai player, it is a dream to retain a strong pair of shins. Having a strong pair of shins is a great asset to sturdy opponents. They can strongly defend against their counterparts.

Muay Thai Shin Conditioning is a process through which Muay Thai players shin get stronger by means of ossification. It is achieved through long term practice, determination, and hardship.

Every time you go through shin conditioning, micro-fractures developed in your shin area become denser and more powerful. New tissue bones are created and you can hit with more strength. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Muay Thai shin conditioning, different ways to condition your shin with some bonus tips.

Benefits of Muay Thai Shin Conditioning:

Shin conditioning is a great process to harden your shin bones and tissue. Through conditioning, fractured bones are naturally formed. Each time of formation they become more powerful. Each time solid bones and tissues are created that are more pain tolerant than before.


However, some Muay Thai players still take the concept of Shin Conditioning in the wrong way.  They still believe that destroying nerves is somehow similar to shin conditioning and they must continuously kick a banana tree in order to get an iron shin. In the next section of this article, we will know the right ways of Muay Thai shin conditioning so that you don’t have to feel wrong again.

7 Ways Of Muay Thai Shin Conditioning

You will find a lot of ways of shin conditioning while you surf the internet. In this section, we are giving you the best 7 practical solutions for conditioning your shin and get the best strength out of your shins.

Heavy Bag Training:

Heavy bag training is one of the most effective ways to get a hard rock pair of shins. It is a long lengthy process that may take up to a year or more. But trust me, your effort is worth a try when you are dreaming of strong robust shins.

Heavy bag lifting is a must to do workout for beginners even for the professionals to keep on the form. Initially, your trainer may suggest you start with 50-100 kicks for each leg every day. However, having 100 kicks is considered ideal for your regular practice. If you can do more, you should go for it.

And if you are a beginner who is afraid of heavy bag training or never has been through it before, start gradually affording a few kicks at a time. Then increase the rate by and by. It doesn’t matter which practice method you go through or whatever you do, remember heavy bag training is a mandatory practice for your Muay Thai career.


What comes next after Heavy Bag training is sparring. Sparring is an ideal and effective method of shin conditioning. If it’s been a few months you have started your training and haven’t practiced sparring yet, you should definitely start it now.


Sparring helps to keep your shins on track when you place kicks on your opponent or when you face one. Sparring is allowed to practice with shin guards on. Shin guards will, as they do, protect your shins when someone attacks. But you will still feel the force with what someone kicks in. However, the more you get used to blocking and successful sparring, the more it will be easier for you to defend and feel less pain.


You can also practice sparring without your shin guards on. To do so, we suggest you begin with a gentle flow and maintain the cautions. Remember the goal of practice is to get well with the rules and techniques rather than being a quick winner.


Building Bone Density

Dense bones work as a strong weapon against your opponent. You can create kicks with great force once your bones get denser. You can start this practice by rolling a strong metal or acrylic slash metal tube across your shin.

It is a great way to strengthen up your shin muscle without getting involved in any kind of combat. Beginners or players who are not used to engage often with others can easily keep on practicing in this method.

However, once you start to roll metal tubes across your shin, make sure it is even. Otherwise, leaving any weak spot over your shin can cause you drastic consequences at times of training.

Give Time To Recover

Muay Thai is maybe the most beautiful MMA in the world that requires force from your vital body parts to act on others. Your muscle needs to heal and strengthen the tissues in the next fight. Hence, you need to rest and give enough time to your shins for recovery.

During this time of recovery, your bones will consume most of the protein and use this protein to repair tissues or any kind of fractures. Your body will also use this absorbed protein to build more strong muscles and bones. After weeks of heavy sessions, take a break and rest for a while. Maintain a quality sleep on a regular basis as it helps to create essential hormones for your body.

Weight Lifting

Another way to increase your bone density is through weight lifting. Weight lifting helps to improve the concentration of your bone and makes them stronger. Keep a regular schedule for weight lifting in your daily routine. Start with lifting little and increase the amount of weight day by day.

Heavy weight lifting exercises such as squats, box jumps, heavy step-ups can help you a lot maintaining the balance between different parts of your body and also strengthen up your overall stamina.

Maintain A Fighter’s Diet


As a Muay Thai player, it is essential to maintain a useful diet regularly. During this time, your bones need extra nutrition to fill up the tears that have been caused. Also, you need to provide a consistent amount of nutritious elements to your bones to help them grow stronger. Healing and growing, these are the two reasons you need good food daily.

Try to get foods that are rich in calcium. Your body is going through heavy loads every day. Your bones and muscles will be decayed and new bones will be created. Hence, your body needs a regular amount of calcium to support the growth of your bones. A regular Muay Thai player will need 1000 mg calcium each day. If you are not getting it proper from your regular diet, try using other calcium supplements.


Also, don’t forget to maintain a proper ratio of Vitamin D with calcium. Vitamin D helps your bones to absorb calcium.

Use Shin Conditioning Equipment

To get extra fruit from your training days, you need to take extra care of your shins. There are a lot of protective gear available in the market to protect your shins from heavy charges. If you are a beginner, you should definitely use some of those best quality shin guards to protect your shins while training. And while in the box, it is needless to explain the importance of shin conditioning guards.

Shin guards protect your shins from heavy charges minimizing the consequences of major impacts. You will still feel the force, but the level of fracture will be minimized. In Muay Thai, it is essential to wear a pair of shin guards while you actually take part in any competition. However, if you are planning to get a good pair of shin guards, you can check out our article 10 Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai and MMA [2019].

Some Pro Tips For Shin Conditioning

Shin conditioning is not an easy process to achieve overnight. You need to go through a long time of pursuit and patience to gain a strong pair of shins. It might feel hard at the beginning but when it is done, you can not but feel proud of yourself. However, before you begin, it is important to follow some guidelines to help you with what not to do in shin conditioning and mostly what not to believe. o.

Never Kick Trees/Metal or Any Hard Materials With Your Shin

For beginners, it might not always be possible for you to afford expensive practical weight boxes. You might think of an alternative to pursue your practice with cheap methods. This can often lead you to practice kicking through heavy materials like metals, cylinders or mostly on trees.

This is strictly prohibited by professionals to practice with low means of methods. Kicking on trees, or hard metals with your shin can cause permanent damage to your shin that can be irreversible. Beginners even some Muay Thai players often make this mistake and suffer for the rest of their careers. It is better to spend a few bucks of money and get yourself admitted to a gym or get under the proper supervision of an experienced instructor. Remember, proper shin conditioning can only be achieved with proper methods of practice

You Can Not Kill Nerves With Shin Conditioning

A myth goes that, Muay Thai Shin Conditioning is also known as ‘nerve destroyer’. Many believe that with proper shin conditioning you can permanently kill your nerves and don’t feel pain anymore.


Well, that is really not true. With a good amount of shin conditioning, your body will get used to a certain level of pain and your brain won’t respond to it anymore. With regular conditioning, you can adjust to a different level of pain. You can increase the level of pain adaption by continuing to practice years after years. Hence, it is not entirely false that shin conditioning kills your nerves rather they adjust your pain sensors with different levels of impact.

Always Take Good Care Of Your Shin

After hours of practice, when you are thinking that you won’t need any time in between another contest, this is where you are so wrong. Your shin is like any other limb of your body. It needs time to heal. Even if it seems so strong from the outside and ready to get into another bone-crushing fight, but you should learn to take care of your shin with proper treatment. This will not only heal the current level of fractures but also will prepare them strongly for the next fight.

Final Words

Shin conditioning is an extremely necessary practice for a successful Muay Thai player. You have to regularly go through a regular level of shin conditioning to harden your strength.

However, there is no alternative to getting a strong, robust pair of shins without hardship. During the years of Muay Thai Shin Conditioning, you will feel pain and sometimes consequences that can be very hard to tolerate. But when your body gets adjusted to this level of pain, finally you will have some time to breathe.

Don’t look for any shortcuts. Read our article and pick up the methods that suit you for shin conditioning.

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