A Healthy Muay Thai Fighter’s Diet Guideline

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A balanced diet is a must for anyone, especially if you are into any physical fitness procedures or habits, such as Muay Thai practice or karate practice.

The way of practicing Muay Thai is quite fascinating, to be honest. This requires a lot of dedication level to get into a perfect shape and adapting the skills. Like any other renowned combats, Muay Thai also contains a total categorized diet plan. Without a diet plan, you cannot maintain anything.


This is an obvious point that you must be cautious about your diet to get into any exercise that includes hard works and sweat. If you ever get to know about any muay Thai fighter’s regular diet chart, it might shock you. The chart is neither too rich in size nor too much of hard to maintain.


Let’s investigate a regular muay Thai fighter’s diet chart and more things that you should know.

A Sneak Peek into Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the oldest combat sports in Thailand. You may have heard the word Thai boxing form several places. This is a part of muay Thai. Muay Thai consists of so many techniques and so many variations. The most famous techniques are punching, kicking, boxing, foot thrusts, and thus more.

Why Must You Have A Diet Chart For Muay Thai?

Food Selection

Depending on the exercise you are going to pick, you will have a different kind of diet plans. For muay Thai, you will have a protein-based and carbohydrate-based diet chart.

You can pick your selection and get started anyway. You may find plenty of food selections from your local stores, and you also can get a lot of recommendations, but the foods must be enriched in proteins and carbs. You need to find what your body can consume. You don’t want a dull or monotonous food habit, as well. Get your selections and spice up.  


Time for Food

You need to take your foods precisely in time, and that is for every day. You cannot have a large breakfast one day and ignore the breakfast for the next six days. It cannot be done like this. You need to know about your timing for food. Fix your schedule for your food. It is highly recommended that you should take your diet at least three times a day. This can be more depending on your workloads and exercise schedule.


You can take your breakfast as a proper meal for the day around 6 AM to 8 AM. In the middle of the day, you must have a vegetable and meat-based lunch; and of course, the dinner must not be taken in late night. You must take the dinner from 8 PM to 10 PM, depending on your time schedule.

Know Your Food

A proper diet is not everything you need to know. You need to have information about your food. How much helpful this can be for your health? How much of food-essentials are you getting from this? Will this food habit be helpful for your future health issues? You must know these things.


Foods must have nutrient values. In this Muay Thai diet, you must look for protein-enriched, enough carbohydrate-based foods. Fruits and vegetables should also be on the list for vitamins and minerals. You cannot overlook the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body.

Harmful or Healthy?

All the foods cannot be healthy for you. You need to be cautious about the harmful foods that may taste good or seem harmless. Your regular food chart might have this kind of unhealthy food. A perfect diet chart can save you from the unexpected health issues, and on top of that, you can never become a real muay Thai fighter with a severe health issue.

Green fruits and vegetables are essential; however, getting a lot of bananas, apples, grapes, papaya, cherries can be more helpful for your diet chart. If you look for the details, the green fruits and vegetables are high in fructose. This is, of course, healthy, but in the long run, this won’t be helpful for your muay Thai training.

You should also be careful about extra sugar-based food habits. This will never be the right choice for your training.

What Should Be Included in Your Food Chart

P for Protein

Protein means energy. Energy means the capability of extreme workout. You must choose your foods with high protein. Especially for breakfast or any day time meals, protein helps a lot in developing a sheer workforce. You must have meat, eggs, beans, peanut butter, nuts in your diet plan.

Increase The Carbs

Crab stands for carbohydrates. Any full-grain meals are in this category. The brown rice, brown bread, potatoes, oats are also high in carbs, which is an essential element for your diet chart.

Carbohydrates help you to be ready for any kind of physical exercise. Enough amount of carbohydrates can boost up your energy and let you go through the maximum level of the training period. The muay Thai fighters have a carbohydrate-enriched meal on a regular basis. On the other hand, carbohydrate-based foods are mostly available in many areas. This is easy to find and, basically, the main source for your strength.

Fruits and Salads

What food can be fruitful for your muay Thai practice? Of course, fruits!

Jokes apart; fruits and vegetables with Vitamin A, E, C are amazingly effective as a diet. You also get the necessary magnesium, calcium, and manganese from these selections. Apples, Cherries, bananas, papayas are quite familiar with these ingredients. You can check for the corn, beans, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, Spinach, Yams, and Tomatoes as well. They all are easily available and perfect for your training.

Chocolate Bars Won’t Be A Problem

Yes, you saw this right. For a quick snack, you can get a chocolate bar with high protein. A peanut butter chocolate bar or even a smoothie can be both delicious and diet-worthy snack. A chocolate bar is a proper quick snack for a muay Thai fighter.


You get hungry after the practice session, and you want a bite? Why not have a protein-based chocolate bar? This will be enough for a quick snack, and besides that, you are also getting all the proteins you need.


Experiment With Your Food

Sometimes you will be bored with regular diets, and that is quite normal. You cannot take the oatmeal with milk and banana, or the brown rice with pork every day.


What do you do? Leave the diet plan forever?

Not at all. You must stick with the diet plan, but you can always make it interesting. Make your oatmeal with different ingredients. Make another healthy smoothie. Make yourself another steak. It’s never boring.


Diet Schedule

Let me give you your diet chart, and you cannot have anything except for these following foods.

Sounds horrible, right? Yes, it is, in fact, an awful idea. It is not quite possible to get the same food all over the world. Different continents have different kind of food habits. You have to find the necessary ingredients or foods with the right amount of carbs, proteins, or healthy fats. Let’s give you a simple plan which can help you to choose your meal plans.

Take A Breakfast Like A Foodie

Just ignore the breakfast before a training day, and you will know why it is called the most important meal of the day. You can take the maximum amount of food in this part. Mostly, breakfast makes you ready for not just the training but also for the regular works as well. You can pick so many things for your breakfast.

A proper breakfast must have carbs and proteins in it. You can have brown rice or brown bread depending on availability in your area. You can have eggs or meat as well. Oatmeal is excellent as a breakfast meal. It can provide all the energy you need for the day. Any kind of fruit juice is perfect for breakfast, as well.


Do not forget to include fruits in your breakfast. A new morning with fresh fruits and a proper breakfast is all you need.


Do Not Ignore the Lunch

A proper lunch is not only recommended for your diet schedule but also for your tummy. You cannot go by the day without enough amount for carbohydrates. The breakfast can make you train for a longer time; no doubt about that. However, you are burning down the extra fat and absorbing all the foods in the meantime.

A plate of rice, meat, fish, or vegetables can be a perfectly good lunch.

You can have snacks in between breakfast and lunch, but it is highly recommended that you should take your lunch at the exact time every day. You can have yogurts, as well.

An Earlier Dinner

The final meal of the day should contain more of the fruits, rice, vegetables, and meats. It may not be the heaviest meal of the day, but this is as important as the other meals of the day. This is highly recommended that you do not delay the dinner. This is also a professional’s recommendation that you should not sleep right away just after taking dinner.


Give your body some time to absorb the food. Dinner is kind of different from the rest of the meals of the day. For other meals, you get the time to work out and get the whole values from the food. On the other hand, dinner is often taken at the eleventh hour. You might not have the time to digest properly, and it might generate extra fat in your body.


Get your minimal amount of food at dinner and get yourself a minimum amount of time to process.    

Food Habits That You Should Quit Right Away

Say Goodbye To Sugar

Keep one thing in your head before joining the Thai muay practice that is sugar is your worst enemy. Any chocolates or candies with high sugar levels are the reasons that will hold you back. So, if you are a sweet-tooth, I have bad news for you. You must get rid of the habit of eating that extra piece of doughnuts or a big bar of chocolates.

Fried Food; Gone for Good

Do not allow yourself to the nearest fast food shops as soon as you start to practice muay Thai. Fried food contains a lot of fat. We all know that extra cholesterol is wrong, but how much worse is it for your training, you ask? Your training will not be effective if you do not get rid of this food habit.


Extra animal fat, oil is going to be the reason for an extra workout. This will slow you down for your regular practice. You will be in no shape for the training, and the whole exercise will have no point at all. Moreover, this extra fat will make you lazier. It will make you stay in your comfort zone. You might not even have the motivation to get up and go for practice.


In a word, No extra cheese hamburger for you.


No More Casual Beer Meeting With Friends

Maybe the heading is a bit wrong; of course, you can meet up with your friends. However, alcohol consumption must be stopped. Alcohols contain many harmful substances, and one of them is, you already guessed it; fat. Beer is a source of extra fat. Other alcohol-based beverages are no exception, as well. You cannot afford to have a beer-belly if you are dedicated enough to practice for the muay Thai.


Q: I am currently practicing muay Thai, and I am looking for a recommendation for protein-based foods. Is protein bar considered as a reliable source for protein?

A: Yes, A lot of protein bars can provide enough amount of protein for your regular practice sessions. However, you should not just depend on the protein bar. You can have regular foods such as meat, eggs, and fish.

Q: How much of calories I must lose in every session of training?

A: This depends on your training session. It can be around 400-800 calories per session, depending on how hard you are practicing.

Q: Is it necessary to have breakfast for my training?

A: Yes, it is highly recommended that you have your breakfast every day at an exact time if you are regularly practicing.

Q: As I started to practice muay Thai, what can be a suitable replacement for a pancake as my breakfast?

A: You can check with any meals with high protein and carbohydrates for your breakfast.


Don’t Forget About Water

Alongside your regular diet chart, you should keep another thing in your mind that is water. You must not ignore drinking plenty of water every day. If you are practicing muay Thai, you should keep an eye on your health. Plan your diet according to your workloads, and make a healthy habit out of it.

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