How to Clean Boxing Gloves

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Boxing gloves are one of the essential gears for the pugilistic martial arts. It keeps your hand protects both the fighter’s hands and the face from any significant damage. Thus, following the equipment, neat and clean, is essential. Yet, even pro athletes overlook the matter. That is the reason why stinky or dirty gloves are no stranger to many professional boxers.

Just like we said, we never care for glove maintenance. As a result, many athletes face irritation and skin disease. We have serious misunderstandings about gloves cleaning but that requires separate attention. Many people don’t know about the maintenance of the gloves. For that, they often ruin or damage the gear. To help them, today we are going to discuss how to clean boxing gloves. After reading the whole text, we hope you will put your attention on boxing gloves maintenance.


Why Should Your Boxing Gloves Require Extra Care?

There is no denying, boxing gloves are fundamental for your kit. Taking good care of them will keep them intact. Maybe you are working out or having a few punches on the punching bag. After punching for a few minutes, your hands start to sweat. The internal part of the gloves gets sweaty. Mainly the moisture and odor of the sweat breed bacteria and germs. Sure, you can’t stand the stench from a dirty sock. Anyway, if you keep your gloves dirty, the stench may come out from the gloves. The stench can be wrong sometimes. People nearby will smell it also. Also, you may have skin problems. So, it is mandatory to keep boxing gloves clean.

Methods for Cleaning Your Boxing Gloves

There are many methods you can apply for cleaning the boxing gloves. For the most part, which way is better depends on you. Now, you can decide that later. Now, we are going to discuss the methods you can use for cleaning boxing gloves.

Anti-Bacterial Spray

Using an anti-bacterial spray is the most popular method for cleaning gloves. You can say, this is a quick way of cleaning the gear. Most of the time, people don’t have enough time to clean the boxing gloves. Also, if you try to clean the gloves, it takes a lot of time drying. That is where the anti-bacterial spray comes in.

In some cases, you should not rely on this too much. There are times when you don’t have time for a good wash. Or maybe your gloves came in contact with other chemicals. Spraying anti-bacterial should do the trick. But let us remind you, the spray cannot kill all the germs and bacteria. So, you will need to have a proper wash.

Salt Water Soak Method

Saltwater soak is an effective way of cleaning boxing gloves. But the method does have its fair share of a letdown. You need to ensure your gloves’ material is perfectly fine with it. Otherwise, the saltwater will react with your gloves and ruin it. Keeping the gloves on saltwater overnight should do the trick. After that, you need to take out the gloves and put them under bright sunlight. Using an air dryer is also excellent. This method is suitable because the saltwater solution helps to break down the bacteria.

Odor Products Method

For the most part, using show odor products can be a great way of reducing the bad stench. Yes, the inner side of a boxing glove and a show is similar in a lot of ways. Even when you use them, they produce the same type of bacteria. Using show odor products on your gloves is not wrong with an idea.

Freezing Method

Freezing your gloves is another great idea to kill all the bacteria inside your boxing gloves. Yup, it’s an odd method, of course. But rest assured, this is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of the bad stench. But, this is a lengthy method. You need to keep your gloves in the freezer for two days. After that, take out the boxing gloves and leave to air dry for about 1 or 2 days. You can easily clean just about any boxing gloves via this method.

But this is a long process. Also, the method is not full-proofed. You may keep your gloves inside the freezer. But that will keep the bacteria out of action. When you bring the gloves out and dry them, the bacteria may become active again. So, don’t have faith in this method too much.

Stuffing Method

This method is excellent for preventing bacteria. Also, this method helps you clean the gloves faster. Just stuff the gloves using newspaper or other dry products to keep the gloves free from moisture. Most of the time, the paper will absorb all the moisture. Also, you can put cedar chips inside a sock and stuff it inside the gloves.

How to get your Boxing Gloves clean?

Previously we talked about the methods. Now, what approach should you choose for cleaning your Boxing Gloves? That mainly depends on what situation you are in and the condition your gloves are. Aside from the methods, now we are going to talk about the cleaning process, including all the ways.

Step 1: Bring Out the Boxing Gloves from Your Gym Bag

You must bring out the gloves from your gym bag as soon as possible. After wearing the boxing gloves, the bacteria on your hands transfer to the gloves. After that, the bacteria start to feast on the sweat. Thus, bad odor or stench becomes common. After having your workout, keeping the boxing gloves inside the gym bag for too long is not a good idea. You need to get on with the cleaning. But, when you are transporting your gloves inside the bag, make sure you get it out after reaching home.

Step 2: Wipe the Gloves

After you pull out the boxing gloves from your gym bag, wipe it using a towel. Well, this helps you to wipe out the excess moisture from the boxing gloves. You can use the stuffing method on your way home. Doing so, you don’t have to worry about wiping the inside part.

Step 3: Cleaning the Inside Part of Your Gloves

Cleaning the inside part takes a lot of time. So, don’t rush while doing it. But you will need to reduce the excess moisture from the gloves. Mainly, this step is for sanitizing the gloves. The half-and-half vinegar-water solution can help you do that. Use a sprayer to use the solution.

You can use vinegar, apple cider or white to clean boxing gloves. Sometimes, people want additional anti-bacterial actions. Not to mention, free from anti-fungal effects. You can also use ten drops of tea tree oil that is also very handy. But don’t be rash with your cleaning. It might ruin your gloves.

Step 4: Cleaning the Outer Part of Your Gloves

Checking the condition of your gloves is crucial in this case. Going rash will not help at all. Most of the boxing gloves are of leather. So, keeping them in tip-top shape is mandatory. Rash cleaning will not help you at all. Leather can dry out quickly. Well, it is from a living being, after all. So, you should go for conditioning.

Hopefully, there is an industrial leather conditioner you will find in the market. Or using a drop of oil is fine. To clean the outer part of your gloves, wipe away all the dirt using a clean towel. Before that, you should spray your vinegar-water solution. But don’t spray a lot. You can create a fog on it.

Tips on Maintaining the Boxing Gloves

There are many preventive cares for keeping your boxing gloves intact. Just like we said, people often overlook the maintenance of their gloves. Yet, there are some tips and tricks for that. Not to mention, some useful cleaning process. For now, let’s focus on the simple method that will make it easy for you to clean your gloves.

Let the Boxing Gloves Dry

Always dry to keep your boxing gloves dry. Well, you may face the challenge to keeping them sterile. After any workout, you need to dry them. Yet, most people follow the boxing gloves under direct sunlight. That is not a good idea. Generally, you may find cracks on leather after drying it. Just pick a well-ventilated area.

You can also use an air dryer, for instance. Anyway, how you dry the gloves is not an issue. As long as the glove stays intact, that is fine. Keeping the gloves dry will prevent stench and stop bacteria from growing. Also, using a towel can help you reduce the extra moisture. Also, using a cloth can help you reduce the excess moisture.

Washing-machine, Silica Gel and Dryer

Nope, it’s not a good idea to put your boxing gloves in the washing machine. There are few of us, who love to use it. But that is to save time. Anyway, washing machines make the gloves very wet. Also, to dry out all the moisture from the gloves can be tough and takes a lot of time. Air dryer, on the other hand, brings out hot air. Most of the boxing gloves are of leather. So, if you use an air dryer, there might be some crack on the leather.

Using silica gel is also prohibited. You don’t know how much silica gel you should put inside your gloves. Counting the amount of time is also crucial. Yes, we know, placing silica gel can reduce all the moisture from it. But most of the time, silica gel can cause a lack of humidity. As a result, your boxing gloves leather might crack.

Let Your Gloves Dry after a Workout

Don’t just simply put your gloves inside the bag after any workout. By now, you know, bacteria can breed in shady places. Also, with the help of moisture, they can get intense. Not to mention, it creates a bad odor. So, after your workout or practice, keep the boxing gloves outside. Use the stuffing method to reduce the amount of moisture inside the gloves. Get a plastic bag and put your gloves inside. After reaching home, clean the boxing gloves.

Right after practice, many people just put the gloves inside their kit. Keeping the gloves inside your bag overnight can ruin the gears. So, from now on make sure, you don’t put your boxing gloves in the bag right after your practice.

Using Hand Wraps

Hand wraps help you to prevent the gloves from soaking moisture. Just spraying will not help. Well, at least for long term usage, the spraying method is not that good. So, before starting your practice, put on hand wraps first. Also, the hand wraps keep your gloves from getting wet. To keep the gloves fresh, you should also clean the hand wraps. Otherwise, you will only reintroduce bacteria to the gloves again.

Use Cleaning Products

When the time comes, use cleaning products for your boxing gloves. No, you don’t need to use these products regularly. There are a lot of products out there, and some of them are not cheap. For example, anti-bacterial sprays are great for reducing germs and bacteria. Also, an occasional clean is good enough for you.

Wash Your Boxing Gloves

Well, we are talking about washing with soap and water. But don’t use soap or detergent to clean your boxing gloves. Yes, regularly cleaning your hand gloves using soap water is a quickfire way to keeping your boxing gloves fresh. Apple cider vinegar solution is also excellent. After washing it gently, let the gloves dry for a bit.

Final Verdict: Give a Little Thought on Boxing Gloves Maintenance

Any professional boxer or athlete needs boxing gloves. Good quality boxing gloves are affordable, and if you let the gloves get ruined after a few practice, the blame is all on you. Keeping the boxing gloves clean and odor-free also ensures hygiene. That’s why you should give a little thought about taking care of your boxing gloves. Yet, if you didn’t have any idea about that, now you have it. So, enjoy your gloves totally fresh and hygiene.

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