A Healthy Boxer’s Diet Guideline

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Whenever you hear the word “Boxer”; what or who come to your mind? There can be several answers.

You can imagine the professional UFC boxers, or you can imagine the muscular Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. You can even imagine a few television celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg or Hillary Swank in a boxer’s role. There are a few similar things among them.

No, we are not talking about extreme exercise; we would rather discuss something more passively important for the boxers; The diet. The whole exercise routine or even the will-power kind of depend on the regular diet for the boxers. This is obvious that the boxers must go through extreme level of practices. One cannot go through this insane amount of physical exercise and adoption without enough fuel for the body.

Let’s check out what can be a perfect diet plan for a boxer.


A Professional Boxer's Diet Guideline



Let’s start with the essential. Carbohydrate is basically the reason for the energy that you need everyday just to function day to day job properly. Now, we must keep in mind that we are talking about such kind of sport activity that requires too much of physical movement. More physical movement means more required energy. Here comes your savior; The Carbs.

Naturally, there are many sources of carbohydrates. Potatoes, rice, any wholegrains, oats, beans are full of carbohydrates. A major portion of calories can be obtained just from these basic foods. There are more complex carbohydrate sources such as honey, vegetables, fruits.

Most of the beneficial carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates provide enough energy for extra hours and keep the energy level in a constant peak. However, on the other hand, the simple carbohydrates such as white bread, sugar-based intake are not much efficient as the boxer’s diet. They are quite easy to absorb and top of that the glucose production rate is quite higher for this kind of carbohydrates.

So, you already know which carbohydrate to avoid. Figuring out harmful carbohydrate is quite simple. Don’t eat something which have a white flour base and too much of sugar.



Okay, you got the energy but what about the muscle development? What about the structural growth?

You cannot continue the training without the continuous physical development. The boxers need to develop super-fast recovery from the constant take-downs. Apart from several other reasons, this is the vital one for which you need a lot of protein.

Protein makes your muscles system spontaneous and flexible. This is the reason you heal from any kind of muscle injury too fast or too slow. Getting a well-structured muscle and fast recovery are important for not just the boxers, but also for everyone.

So where can you get the protein?                          

Enough amount of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, cheese have your necessary protein. The nutritionists suggest that the boxers should take at least 36%-40% of protein intake everyday to be in shape and get the necessary goods.

However, look out for the saturated fat that are hidden in the fried meat options. All kinds of meats have a few levels of saturated fat and it can be consumed if you do not check with the levels. It is highly recommended that the boxers should take the lean meats. Frying requires oils, which is a huge source for extra fat. You do not want extra fat in your meal anyway.

Unsaturated Fat

Usually people hate to think about fat being in their diet chart while they are working hard to be in the shape and one of the biggest challenges is to burn the fat. However, you need to have fat in your diet chart if you are thinking about getting too much pressure for the practice.

Yes, saturated fat is highly prohibited from your diet chart. Most of the saturated fat come from the meats and the processed foods that contains oil. Fried foods are sources of high level of saturated fat. What happens when your intake of saturated fat gets large in number, you ask? It will make you slower. Fat burning is one of the painful parts of the training. Do you see any boxer with a bigger tummy? No you don’t. It is quite simple, you cannot fight with extra weight.

On the other hand, unsaturated fat which can be found in almonds, seeds, avocados, nuts and a few selections of fishes are quite important elements for your food chart. Unsaturated fats contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which is important for body’s stable condition. This also helps your brain. Saturated fat is the reason behind the energy, growth and cell building as well.  


This is unusual for so many boxers but the micronutrients and laboratory-made products are helpful for your long-term goal. Of course, these supplements cannot provide you the exact amount of nutrients that you need. Somehow, these can fulfill the vacant places. It is never prescribed to take supplements regularly for anyone. It can obviously help you get the missing layers of nutrients but a large amount of supplement intake can be risky for your health. On the other hand, the whole supplement does not work. It only fulfills the needs. If you are missing in any kind of vitamins and get supplement for that, you will only get the amount that your body needs, not the whole. So that is kind of a wastage as well.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to stay hydrated. You will be needing more water than the general people as you will be working harder.  The nutritionists suggest that a boxer should take at least 2-3 liters of water everyday just to stay hydrated. A few rules must be followed for the water consumption as well. You should drink enough amount of water about a few hours or just one hour before the training. In the event of training, you must take enough amount of water to go through the workouts. You will be needing more water in the training session.

Must Avoids

Fried Foods

Fried foods are your main obstacle for the training. Yes, they look good and tasty as well but you cannot have them. The extra oil and saturated fat will not be a good training component. Most painful part of the training would be burning the extra fat. Most of the boxers who have extra fats have a hard time in the training. You do not want that.


The luxurious and provocative supplements may work for the celebrities but it may not work for you much. There is a fair amount of chance that it might make you unhealthy and unprepared. Most of the times, you cannot get the whole nutrients out of the supplements it the calculations and intakes are not matched.


Chugging a can of beer and getting into the boxing ring may look cool in the movies but it doesn’t work that way. Alcohol have a large amount of unhealthy fat and it also makes few of your major organs like liver and heart weak. It is also one of the reasons to get less of the training as you may not even show up for the training for alcohol-poisoning.

A boxer should be very careful about the regular food intake and the calorie burning. It is obvious that one can have different kind of food habit and doing totally okay with the boxing practice but it is always recommended that depending on your health status and food taste, you must follow a healthy diet chart and maintain the regularity.

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