Everlast Reflex Bag Review 2021

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Boxing might seem like an easy sport. But honestly, it is not. It is technical, and you need to be cautious and have a strong will at the same time. In boxing, you make sure to hit the opponent as much and as harder as you can.

On the other hand, you also have to make sure that the opponent hits you as much less as they can. To maintain that order and pace, what you require is practice.

You cannot be hitting a human all the time during practice, and also just pretending to hit someone does not work on your strength, considering you won’t be able to understand the accurate pace or timing for it.

This article is about to introduce you to this exceptional Reflex Bag by Everlast, to make your training session effective. And this product will help you build your strength, also help you understand your reflex time, and further corrects your head movements as well.

Features and Benefits of Everlast freestanding Reflex Bag

Purchasing any reflex bag is easier; all you have to do is go to your nearest store or search on the internet. Find the first product in the list and purchase it. But that does not guarantee you the best one, does it?

Getting the perfect reflex bag for you will require some effort. And that effort comes with tons of research and collecting information from the right and trusted sources.

Comfort and Affordability

What do we seek for the most in a purchase? That would be affordability and comfort, and this reflex bag is offering you both. This product is an extremely comfortable and exceptional reflex bag, and it also comes at an affordable price.

Let’s just say the whole cost thing is not going to be a headache or bother you in any case.


The bases of these bags can be filled with either water or sand. Water can be convenient in a sense; we have an ever-lasting supply of it. You can pour it in and out whenever you feel the need to.

However, it also has its negative perks. Punching a bag filled with water as a base can cause a leak and create issues during practice. It is recommended to have sand instead of water in the reflex bag as a base.

Adjustable Height

Another issue that might concern you is the height of the bag if the reflex bag is tall or short enough for you to punch it well. So shake that worry away from your head, considering this reflex bag comes with height adjustable feature.

It does not matter what height group you belong to; you have the privilege to place it at whatever height you are comfortable with while punching the bag in front of you. 

Easy Assembling

The amazing features and benefits of this product are never-ending. It just keeps getting better and better. These bags come with extremely easy assembling features, so you do not have to worry about arranging it.

Moreover, they are designed in a way that they are spring-mounted, which makes punching even more smooth.


Quality and Comfort of everlast reflex punching bag

Talking about the quality of this punching bag, let’s just say lots of reviews have confirmed that it feels as if you are punching a real person in front of you. As the reflex bag maintains its height as you fix it, the product stands perfectly in its place. These bags are so much better than the ones that are used while hanging.

Moreover, these reflex bags are made of extremely spring-mounted materials, and the bags tend to be super flexible. It gives the extreme pleasure of punching as if you are already on the ring, ready to start boxing with your opponent.

As mentioned above, these reflex bags may come in either water or sand as their base. So you can choose whichever is good and comfortable for you depending entirely upon yourself.

However, sand would be the most suggested choice. This particular product is utterly and completely made for your comfort. It has everything you need for a good punching session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into the frequently asked questions about the Everlast reflex bag to have a clearer concept about the product.

1. How tall is it? What is the exact height?

The height is adjustable, so there is no issue about that fact. This punching bag is suitable for all height-group people, as you can adjust the height to your size.

2. How hard of a punch can it take?

It is extremely flexible; the reflex bag would be honored to get a heavy, strong punch. However, for your safety reasons, make sure to wear appropriate gloves so that punch does not hurt your hand directly.

3. Where can the screws for the base be found?

It is better to contact the manufacturer that you purchased the reflex bag from, considering the screws might not fit if you are thinking of buying any regular ones from the market. Just assure that the screws fit the base accurately.

4. Can this bag be used for kicking?

This bag is not that suitable for a perfect hard kick. However, it is perfect for maintaining your hand techniques and practicing your punching pace and reflexes.

5. Can this be assembled and disassembled? Or once it's put together, can it be taken apart again?

One of the most helpful features that these reflex bags offer is its easy assembling; it is really easy to assemble. And just like that, it is very easy to disassemble as well. The parts come off super easy without any hassle.

Final Words

Now, as you have made to the end of this Everlast reflex bag review, you are well aware of all the information and features you need to know about purchasing a reflex bag as well as this product itself. This article hopes you have already decided if this is the right one for you and if you want to purchase it right away.

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