Cobra Reflex Bag Review 2021

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Boxing is a bounce off between discipline and chaos. You surely have to punch someone hard if you want to win, but that requires a major amount of strength, a sense of reflex, and a perfect mindset to punch with all your gut.

To achieve such preparation, the factor that is required is the maximum amount of practice. And to make your practicing hours smooth and by ease, this article is about to introduce you to one of the best in the market, a reflex bag that has been very appreciated among people who know its worth. 

Finding any reflex bags will be easy, but finding the best one for you would be a task of effort and patience. So, this article has taken that part of the responsibility upon itself to bring along all the required information right in front of you for your closer sight in the hope that it will help you to choose the right product for you.

Features and Benefits of Ringside and MaxxMMA advanced cobra reflex bag

For beginners or first-timers, this is a good product to start your boxing days with. These bags are generally heavier than other reflex bags in the market. Also, this product is extremely exceptional in a way that you have the liberty to do countless drills such as; Muay Thai or MMA drills without any hesitation.

Design and Purpose

The advanced features of this model start with it, providing you with two different types of bags. They are designed in a way so that it could give you the ultimate workout that your body requires; all these are to maintain the accuracy of your punching, as well as the time and pace you need to box in the court.

All in all, it also gives you a general cardio training.

Adjustable Height

If you are worried about the height of the punching bag, then no need to worry. Because the company has taken complete care of that, the height is adjustable, which means you can adjust the height to whichever way you find comfortable.

But there is a range which is from 52-65 inches. This is suitable enough for all height-group people anyway.

High-Quality Inner Bladder and PU Bags

The design of the model is highly advanced, reasons why it can completely put up an impression the first time you see it. And the construction of the thin handle is of steel rod, which comes along first-rated inner bladder like design PU bags.

Overall, this punch bag not only offers strength and longevity but also offers a great outlook all the way. The company has paid attention to every detail, as you can see.

Extra Service

Humans are a sucker for free and extra stuff. Let’s just say it adds to the “little things that can make someone happy” list. This product is here to make you happy and satisfied with its features. For a better workout, core weight bags are provided along with the punch bag for improving your stability.

Moreover, Hand Gloves are also arranged along with the reflex bag. So it saves some money in your pocket, and you do not have to bother buying an extra pair of gloves. This product is already giving you everything you need and more.



Quality and Comfort of ringside cobra reflex boxing punching bag

The quality of the bag, as already mentioned above, is first-class, as high-graded durable PU bags are used. Also, the construction done by the steel rod assures strength in the hold of the whole mechanism. Even with extra strong punches or kicks, the reflex bag would just stand stronger than ever.

As far as the plastic base tank is concerned, either water or sand is going to be the compounds that will be used. Water can be used up to 30 pounds, where sand has to be used up to 55 pounds. For your comfort, height adjusting features are included.

Now, any height-group people can just adjust the height of the stand and punch the bag with ease.


Frequently Asked Question

Let’s look into the commonly asked queries about this product.

1.What is Cobra's bag?

Cobra bag is one of the most popular punching bags of them all. This company has created advanced and unique models to offer even better service and benefits for your athletes. The free-standing feature is so convenient that you can place it anywhere you want, rather be at the gym, workplace, or home.

2. Can I hit the heavy bag every day?

Maybe not. Hitting a heavy bag every day might not be a good idea. That might ruin the shape of your development. However, it is not completely forbidden, but it is better not to do it. Punching on heavy bags is mainly done to increase someone’s power for punching. 

3.Can you hit a heavy bag without gloves?

Yes, you may. Honestly, in some cases, it is considered advantageous to punch the bags without any hand protection because it is said to be good for your wrist and also your forearm muscles. But for first-timers, stick to the hand gloves is what the article would want to suggest.

4.Can you kick a boxing bag?

Yes, you can. But make sure you do not try tricks if you are not trained enough. You do not want to damage your leg on the first try. Only if you are trained in kicking, then only try kicking your heart away.

5.Can you lose weight, hitting a heavy bag?

It might depend on your weight and level of fitness. Although yes, punching a heavy bag decreases calories and might help in case of losing weight.

Final Words

As you are finally at the end of this Cobra reflex bag review, we hope it was helpful. If you are still confused, this article will always be there for you to read and re-read to help you make your decision smoothly.

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