Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves review

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If you are a boxer, then for sure, boxing is not just only a game for you; it’s your passion. When it comes to passion, people try their best to excel in the field. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are always there for the ones who are serious about boxing. This glove company started its journey quite a long time ago, and so far, most of its customers are satisfied. Its unique design will manipulate you to buy it once you see it in the showroom. So, without wasting any more time, let’s see its detailed features.



Every good thing comes with some issues and drawbacks. These gloves are no different. Here are a few problems or difficulties you might face while using these gloves-

These are the major positive and negative sides of this product. If you want to know more, then a good suggestion for you would be to buy it and try it yourself!

Material and comfort

If you want to buy a product, then understanding the material of the product, and knowing how much comfort you are going to get from it are two important tasks. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are made with pure leather, and it will be an extremely comfortable choice for ay boxers. A fun fact about these gloves is that they are not airtight. That means even after wearing it, your hands will get sufficient air, thus, leading to less sweaty wrists. A crucial step is to ensure that the gloves are of the proper size and that your wrists can have a few millimeters of free space to move around rather than being extremely clenched together.

Quality and durability-

This is the key factor that affects a buyer’s decision. No matter what you buy or whatever the price may be, you will always be conscious about the quality of a specific product. A product with poor quality is disliked by all; thus, before purchasing the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves, your primary concern will be regarding its quality.

From the very beginning, designers ensure that there is no degradation in any of the phases of the production process. The purity of the leather used in making these gloves will satisfy you in many ways. It will assist you in getting that extra bit of juice to land a powerful blow on your opponent, and it will be there with you for a few years without wearing out. These gloves have the nine lives of a cat, allowing them to be extremely durable and long-lasting. Moreover, you are getting top-notch protection, ensuring you never shift to other brands once you try these gloves.

Padding and protection

These gloves have almost a half inches of padding inside. This is extremely necessary for your protection. Your wrists will get sore after continuously hitting the same place over and over again. To make sure that they do not sustain any permanent damage, the latex padding absorbs most of the impact force, allowing you to concentrate on your boxing match only!

Additionally, it is designed uniquely to ensure your punches are accurate and impactful, but not very strong. So, while fighting, you don’t have to think about if your punch is too forceful to cause permanent damage to your opponent. 

Cleaning and care

A beautiful thing remains no longer beautiful if you stop taking care of it. This concept is true for everything you come across. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are no exception. To make these gloves last a healthy period, you need to abide by a few sets of rules and follow a few instructions. After every fight or a practice session, you need to take the gloves off and leave them to dry before starting to clean them. Water alone is not sufficient to cleanse the immense dirt and sweat on your gloves. You will be needing cleaning sprays, sanitizers, and deodorants to ensure that your gloves are clean and smell like a garden of roses whenever you put them on. As soon as your training is over, remember to dry your gloves off before cleansing them with anything. This is extremely important to remember; not letting them dry will leave a permanent stench of sweat and dirt, ruining their texture. This will not just keep your gloves clean, but will also increase their longevity.


A boxing glove to a boxer is as important as a sword is to a knight – one completes the other. An item of such importance needs to be bought with care and lots of research. This article contains a few factors that will help you understand the necessity of a good boxing glove and the factors that affect their durability and quality. Furthermore, the instructions shared here should be followed at all times to ensure the longevity of such gloves.

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