Title Double-End Bag Review


It’s not just about strength, boxing is a complete sport that requires the peak of you. Boxers are strong, no doubt, but they possess some subtle skills that are required to keep the game going on. Rhythm, accuracy, and quickness are the key factors that help to sustain the momentum. Then comes the strength to … Read more

How to Clean Boxing Gloves


Boxing gloves are one of the essential gears for the pugilistic martial arts. It keeps your hand protects both the fighter’s hands and the face from any significant damage. Thus, following the equipment, neat and clean, is essential. Yet, even pro athletes overlook the matter. That is the reason why stinky or dirty gloves are … Read more

A Healthy Boxer’s Diet Guideline


Whenever you hear the word “Boxer”; what or who come to your mind? There can be several answers. You can imagine the professional UFC boxers, or you can imagine the muscular Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. You can even imagine a few television celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg or Hillary Swank in a boxer’s role. … Read more

Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag Review


Aqua training bags are becoming a popular method of practice all around the world. In gyms, aqua training bags are regularly taking over the conventional method of traditional bags. They offer the same level of skill development as traditional punching bags but come with lesser physical impact. These training bags are a blessing for boxing … Read more

Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves review


INTRODUCTION Is your favorite sports boxing? Are you looking for something to protect your fist area from injuries? Well, if that is the case then there is no better mate for your feisty hands other than Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves. Once you go through an in-depth review of this product, you will be intrigued enough … Read more