Which martial art is best for street fighting?

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If you’re thinking MMA is all about kicking and punching, you couldn’t be more wrong. MMA is also a mix of martial arts where two opponents face inside a cage. Martial arts was invented for the sole purpose of self-defense, and there are hundreds of style in it. Some of these styles are used mainly for protecting oneself, or some are for professional competitions. Whether it’s for self-defense or not – mixed martial arts is excellent in many ways. Also, if you are new to the MMA world, understanding different styles and techniques may better understand the sports. So, in this content, we will answer a simple question for you – which martial art is best for street fighting?

Why are different styles of martial arts important in street fights?

The world is in chaos right, and self-defense is the only possible way to protect yourself and your belongings. Suppose you are walking by the street and saw a man is getting beaten by some strangers. In your part, you can just ignore the thing and so on about your business. However, if the scenario is happening with you?

Maybe some people are demanding you to give them whatever you have. There are other people around you, but they are just like you. People watch you and go on about with their business. So, either you give them what they want or back down. Or just fight them head-on.

If you don’t know any self-defense technique, they will beat the crap out of you. Anyway, martial artists can take them head-on as he knows the basics of self-defense. Martial art is a broad horizon, and there are many techniques involved in the art. For many people around the Earth, martial art is a blessing. If you have ever read the famous book “Mud, Sweat and Tears” by Bear Grylls, you know martial arts can come in handy in many ways.

Why are different styles important in MMA fights?

Many people don’t know how street fights work, and MMA is a great place to understand that. Well, MMA is a combat sport where the fighters are specialized in different martial art styles. Unlike street fights, MMA fights follow some specific rules. So, fighters are not in life-or-death situations.

However, to gain a perfect win – fighters need to follow martial art techniques or styles. MMA is not just an entertaining and good sport, it’s also great for improving martial arts styles. Plenty of fighters can improve martial arts techniques and apply them in the fights.

So, when you see them in actual combat, the viewers can understand what he needs to do for self-defense. Also, one can do that without causing heavy casualties to the attacker. A lot of people have gained confidence and tried to learn martial arts thanks to MMA fights. Shortly, people will learn about different styles and art in a fun-loving manner.

What are the popular styles in MMA?

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a sport where one needs to rely on techniques and other self-defense styles. From the early days, people were a big fan of fighting and wrestling, or gladiatorial arenas were invented. And in the modern days, the fights got more intense but safer. Let’s thanks to the different styles of martial arts. Now people can learn a lot of great techniques with minimal risks.

In MMA, wrestling, bjj, Muay Thai, boxing, Judo, taekwondo, and other styles are required for a perfect performance. No, we are not saying fighters need to learn the techniques to get into MMA fights. Instead, they at least need to learn these styles for going forward.

Thanks to MMA styles, people can understand the necessity of learning self-defensive martial arts. Going to the gym and piling up muscles cannot help one in a real combat situation. Ordinary people can train themselves to learn MMA styles so that they can stay safe.

Some effective martial art styles for a street fight

There are hundreds of styles in the martial art world, and some are great for practical use. A martial art can show you what you should do in terms of dangerous situations. So, here are some popular martial arts styles that can help you in street fight situations.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jutsu (bjj) is very popular for effective self-defense techniques. The style mainly focuses on ground-based techniques – means you learn how to throw your opponent to the ground. In this style, grappling is essential for the user. In this style, the opponent is at a significant disadvantage and always leads them to submission. Even MMA fighters need to learn this technique before joining the arena.

Why BJJ is for you?

In BJJ style, size doesn’t matter for the martial artist. This style was invented in Brazil, and whoever invented it was not much of a big fighter. Due to his weak body, the person developed the method for self-defense. There are times when you don’t want to harm your opponent. For instance, you may have to stop punches and kick from any drunk guy in the streets. With this style, you can stop his kicks and punches by pushing him in the ground. BJJ includes some great techniques such as neck twister, heel hooks, armbars, etc.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is another famous martial art style developed by a Thai military official named Muay Boran. Most of the martial art styles are great in sports like MMA. However, in actual street fights, some styles stand out like Muay Thai. This style can dispatch multiple opponents and render them useless. Muay Thai is also known as the art of 8 limbs and is known for kicking techniques. Yes, it takes a little training to master the method that is not for physically weak people.

Why is Muay Thai for you?

Just like we said, Muay Thai is best for the kicks. But why is this one for you? If you are against an opponent who is also a martial artist – you may want to keep your distance. This style features a low risk for the caster and gives you a safe zone. You can use your knees; elbow throws from your clinch or headbutt techniques. For any controlled environment, Muay Thai is the best style.


First introduced in Japan – Judo is a modern style in martial arts. Later on, fashion or sport became an Olympic event. Many people suggest grappling for street fights, but Judo is more advance than grappling. In this style, one can subdue the opponent by the grappling maneuver. By this, you can quickly immobilize them. However, mastering Judo is quite hard as you need an intense focus on the training. Also, the styles take a lot of time to learn by one thoroughly.

Why Judo is for you?

If you have a kid and want them to learn self-defense, let them train Judo. Judo is a style where a person needs intense determination and focus, which is great for developing mental ability and reduce stress. Most of the time, Judo can make one’s body flexible and robust. When you are in a one on one combat in the streets and need to keep the opponent in check – Judo is effective. It gives you time to keep them bound, and you can also hurt them if you need to. Judo is all about smartness and putting bait for your opponent. But it takes a lot of time to master, and once you do – there’s no stopping you.


Kali is contemporarily a hybrid martial art style. It means, this style is a combination of both BJJ and Muay Thai. The Pilipino martial arts first invented this style. In this style, you can learn to use weapons and also open hand techniques. Especially, kali is a great defensive and offensive martial art style in street fights. Probably the best method for street combats.

Why is kali for you?

You will have to face a burglar with a knife once in a while. So, when the time comes, just facing a weapon bear handed has risk involved in it. Just like we said, Kali is a mix of Muay Thai and bjj. Yes, you can learn how to use a stick or small tool as a weapon. Kali also introduces knife offense and defense. So, that is also great for handling tough situations in the streets.

Final Verdict

In a world full of chaos, street fights are common phenomena. Learning self-defense is not about protecting your belongings from the street punks. Mainly, martial arts style gives you an upper hand in keeping your body safe. Some street fighters know martial arts, and if you don’t know how to protect yourself – you may get severely injured. In this context, we tried to talk about popular styles in MMA. These styles are popular because people can quickly learn them and get an advantage in street fights. Day by day, MMA is coming up with new styles that can prove helpful for many people.

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