Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai and MMA [2021]

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While being in action in Muay Thai, fighters have to use both of their fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai, in other words, is also popular as “Art of Eight Lambs”. 

Gladly, Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) players don’t need much of accessories to win over. A simple pair of hand gloves and folds are enough to give a good start for both of these acts. And Shin Guards, Yes! Don’t forget a good pair of Shin Guards. You don’t want to disappoint your trainer when the final days of your combat lesson come, do you?

Shin Guards are synthetic as well as rubber made protective gear especially built to safeguard player’s shin and ankles from effective injuries. During combat or simply in MMAs, any sudden movements/ lifting heavy loads/ or simply training with a partner can cause accidental wounds. Shin guards keep you safe from these sudden impacts and prepare your limbs for the next session successfully. Beginners as well as professionals, both need to use shin guards for their own safety. 

In this article, we will talk about the importance of Shin guards and present you with 10 Best Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards. So, at the end of this article, you will know why you need one for your next training and which one to choose from. 

Why You Need Shin Guards for Muay Thai MMA:

Shin guards (also known as Shin Pads) are one of the major protective gear considering the safety and protection of the players. Protective measures Shin Guards hold against our safety is vital for the progress of the overall game.

In fact, Shin guards are considered so important that even the Laws of the Game (association football) have listed them as a piece of compulsory equipment (according to Law 4). Some laws, even prevent or dismiss fighters from entering the box if they are not wearing proper shin guards. Every player in the game has to wear Shin Pads during the entire playtime.

Human shins are vulnerable. They do not get proper support from the muscles around the shin bone. This is why this part of our body can easily get affected. Shins are not strong enough to take heavy strikes. And trust me, it’s a huge dilemma once any of the shins do not function properly. And for players, it is a NIGHTMARE.

Because Shins are not even prone to quick healing, they need real protections from external impacts.

Shin Pads keep our sensitive shins safe from exterior impacts such as kicks, defense, strikes, and other acts. In the act of Muay Thai or MMA, the use of shins is as essential as using hands. Without proper protection on the shins, fighters can get hurt and disposed of the game for a long time (In worst cases, for a lifetime). This is why wearing proper and quality shin guards is like being on the driver’s seat and taking the decision of wearing a safety belt or not.

Top 10 Best Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards

By now, you have already come up with the importance of Shin Guards in Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA. Now let us help you with the selection of your shin guards. In this next section, we will talk about 10 Best Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards. By the end of this article, you will get a complete walkthrough about the different types of Shin Guards

1. Fairtex SP5 Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards:


preference. The same goes for MMA as well. Fairtex SP5 competition shoes are specially made for competitions like Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA.

Such a lightweight and flexible architecture of this shoe makes it the primary choice of many players. Fairtex SP5 provides real protection and safety during exposure to the contender’s defense. SP5 is featured with two-layered foam. This feature allows the shin guard to take heavy charges although they feel soft while wearing them.

Fairtex SP5 is made of synthetic leathers that are supported with high impact tolerant foam core of dual-layers. That can be a reason fo Fairtex SP5 to have high durability and standards. Quality cotton extended jean lining prevents users from taking any falls or slips. Moreover, the contact between shin protectors and your skin is completely stitch-free that offers a safe and itching-free. Strap velcros are placed with proper care and adjusted in full proportion that gives the shin guards a complete professional glaze.

The ergonomic design of Fairtex SP5 is aimed to prepare players for a safe and comfortable game without the feel of slight disruption on the shins. 


Yokkao Matrix Thai Muay Thai Shin Guards:


Yokkao Thai Muay Thai Shin Guards have proven to be an ideal selection both for the gym or a real-time competition. Professionals have been using Yokkao Matrix Thai shin guards for years now due to their usable functionality and user-friendly design. 

Yokkao Matrix comes with triple foam paddings that make the use of Yokkao Matrix so comfortable and secure to heavy strikes. The presence of authentic cowhide leather in Yokkao Matrix makes these shin guards extremely durable and sturdy for long time use. 

Safety measure offered by Yokkao Matrix Shin Guards is an ideal solution to all the issues you have been facing with shin pads till now. Yokkao offers comfortable and durable straps beneath the bridge of your foot and behind your ankles. This allows players to enjoy ultimate flexibility while sparring. Moreover, the internal paddings of the Yokkao Matrix are perfectly balanced with your foot and enhance your capability to hit. 

Yokkao Matrix also features with dual stitched slits as the velcro strap offering players a nicely balanced grip of their shin. It comes with additional non-slip stability for extra safety.


Top King Superstar Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards:


Top king has been a reliable name in the realm of shin guards. Their premium leathered shin guards are on the top chart review of many Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA players.

Top King Superstar Shin Guards are of the Super Max genre of Top King models. They all come in four different sizes (S, M, L, XL) and of various colors equipped with little silver stars. That’s why the name came so! The shiny look of Superstar shin pads is accompanied by a full carbon kevlar polymer. This high protective cover makes these shin guards really durable and long-lasting.


Top King Superstar shin guards are internally featured with a soft lining that offers the players a comfortable experience throughout the entire game. These inner linings are so well attached and play a vital role in preventing the slip of mistakes. That’s really good practice for Top King. Players will be safe while training for hours or in the competition box.

Two velcro straps hold this shinguard in place. Moreover, two elastic strips support both players’ ankle and foot giving them proper support to star. You should really try these Shin guards in person to understand it’s structural architecture.



Fairtex SP6 Neoprene Shin Guards:


Fairtex has been retaining the hold of our list by now. Our next Fairtex Shin Pads are specially made for MMA. But there are no rules and limits that it can’t be used for Muay Thai also.

Fairtex SP6 is configured with durable synthetic rubbers. This material provides the shin guards with better stability and helps to manage flexibility over a long length of time. However, these shin pads architecturally differ from other shin guards. Players have to wear them like sleeves avoiding the use of regular velcro straps. This type of diversion in design actually provides better control over Muay Thai sparring. And it offers elastic straps on top instead of the middle section like other shin guards. Top elastic straps fit strongly and provide extreme comfort with maximum safety. 

Stitching is properly done at the back of these shin pads. Such stitching provides a natural feel and the soft pads prevent any type of irritation to skin. However, Fairtex SP6 is compact in nature and sticks thoroughly with your shin allowing you to be in the game for a long time without any awkward sensitivity to the skin. Fairtex SP6 is a real different model from other shin guards.


Sanabul Essential Hybrid - Best Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards:


The common issue players face with shin guards is that most of them are designed for one sport only – whether Muay Thai,kickboxing or MMA. The best thing about Sanabul Hybrid MMA Shin Guards is that they can afford both – Muay Thai and MMA perfectly. These professional shin guards are aimed to provide professionals with limitless value.

Special foam is developed to support Sanabul Essential Shin Guards. These foams are highly safe to impacts and offer better protection during Muay sparring. Its neoprene slip comes with both – top leg and mid-leg fasteners preventing any displacement of shin guards. Moreover, for extra durability, triple-stitch covers the entire body of these shin guards. It offers you better stability and extra reinforcement.

Sanabul Essential Hybrid Shin Guards are good to go under years of usage. They will be an excellent choice for your next MMA session as for your Muay Thai training too.  In fact, they are a good offer for your budgets also and is really a good try both for professionals and beginners.


Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards For MMA and Muay Thai:

Wanna go to war? These Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards are a real fight material. They come with durability that can surpass your expectations. Their visual presentation will definitely amaze your eyes. Venom Challenger Standups are the best solution both for Muay Thai and MMA. 

These shin guards come with thick foam paddings that are about 0.75 inches thick. These densely padded foams ensure that your shin doesn’t suffer from any consequences by absorbing most of the shocks by itself. Made with synthetic leather, it’s ultimate goal is to increase your Muay Thai capabilities with proper protection that you need always. Large velcro straps featured in these guards are ready to save you when you are about to take any slips. 

This was about the configuration. Now let’s take a look at the mobility. Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards are very lightweight and easy to manage. Their ergonomic architecture offers you sufficient mobility and speed. These beautiful shin guards will offer you several wins over Muay Thai,kickboxing as well as MMA competitions and training.


Fairtex SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards:


One of the most significant issues players face with shin guards is – stitched pads. Most players can face irritation due to stitches while being in the game. Fortunately, this model of Fairtex is absolutely made for players who are suffering acutely from stitched pads.

SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards is completely stitching free. Due to having no stitches at all, these shin guards avoid additional friction and scratches on the skin. Another advantage of having no stitches is that players face no sweaty feet at all.

The ultimate component of Fairtex Pro Style is the strong Syntek leather. In fact, supported with several layers of impact tolerant foams, this Syntek leather protection allows users to strike opponents with full confidence. 

These shin guards come with high-quality straps that offer users a comfortable use of the pads. It’s adaptable and natural design gives users the feel of comfort and safety. We recommend these shin guards both for professionals and beginners if they want to get their full potential out of their Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA training. 



Hayabusa T3 Shin Guards For MMA and Muay Thai:


Hayabusa T3 shin guard is a work of art. The first thing that will drag your attention about these shin guards is their ergonomic architecture that will make your shins feel refreshing already. These Muay Thai shin guards are made to be comfortable, flexible and feel like a feather in touch. Because of their pre-curving design, you will have no hard sensation while sparring with these shin guards. Moreover, due to their pre-curved configuration, these shin guards hardly move away from its position once you place them.

Players will enjoy the secure fit of these shin guards which is ensured by elastic dual straps and inner silicon grip. While the back part of this shin guards is completely open, it provides you with better air circulation and helps to keep your feet cool and dry. Its ergonomic design is built to provide ultimate protection to users’ feet with every kick and strike they come with.

Hayabusa T3 shin guards’ durability is guaranteed by its craftsmen. Its resilience is remarkable and of best use to the professionals. 


RDX Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards:


RDX Shin guards are of the perfect fit for MMA, Muay Thai, kickBoxing, and other sports. These shin guards are built to transform into different forms that your shin needs. Most people look for protection and safety in a shin guard, these pair of shin guards won’t let you down. The molded architecture of this RDX is featured with soft padding that ensures better safety and protection to your feet.

The QD-1 technology featured in these shin pads prevents your feet from being sweaty in the game. While its lightweight and enhanced flexibility will amaze you, the nylon-based outer nylastic cover will ensure better durability every time you put in on the row.

These shin guards come with additional foot protectors that secure your safety during Muay Thai and MMA training. The NEO-1 hook and loop closure system are always there to provide you with a perfect secure shin grip. And because RDX offers dual padding (shell shock gel and supreme shock foam), it is always a perfect choice for beginners and professionals who are going through regular training and competitions.  


Meister Edge Leather Shin Guards


Meister Edge Leather Shin Guards are a perfect match for the professional minds. It is a balanced combination of usability and fitness. This ergonomically designed leather shin guards always follow the outline of your leg and provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Not just any leather, these ergonomic meister edge shin guards are constructed with 100% cowhide leather which is the reason for extreme durability offered by these shin pads. Slightly rounded high-density impact foams support the construction of these shin pads that cover all of your contact areas during any strikes. Moreover, an additional gel-layer covers the foot top completely and provides extra protection to impacts.

Two comfortable straps secure the body of the shin pads at the back of your leg. These straps are very easy to manage and they come up/down fully while wearing the shin pads on and off. In case, you are worried about the weight, these shin pads are extremely light (only 10oz per guard). In fact, it will help to elevate your full energy while sparring or striking in Muay Thai,kickboxing or MMA competitions. It will be a great choice for beginners to start with this weight. 

Choosing The Best Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA Shin Guards:

Now that we have had our list of top 10 best shin guards, it is time to pay attention to quality. More or less, every brand focuses on providing shin guards of best comfort and usability. However, users’ comfort and flexibility can vary depending on shin pad materials, individual size and fit.

Shin Guards Size and Fit:

Your shin protection is related to the weight of your shin guards. It may seem awkward to what I am saying but it’s true. It has been noticed among professionals that the heavier the weight of your shin guards, the harder it gets to strike or spar. Bulky shin guards can prevent players’ free movement. Once they initiate their limb, the extra weight of their shin pads hampers their free motion and hence make them vulnerable to opponents charge. On the other hand, lightweight shin pads assist in your free ability to fight. With movements like a feather, you become stronger to your opponent. Therefore, choose your shin pads wisely. Your protection depends entirely on your choice.

Again, size matters because you can not get in the game with the wrong fit. Almost all Muay Thai shin guards come in different sizes. They are available in Large/ Small/ and Medium sizes. Different sizes fit in users’ shin according to their height. So, think before the final selection of your shin guards. If it doesn’t go with your height and become too small, it will interrupt your capability of movement. On the contrary, if it becomes too large for your legs, it will also be disturbing to movement management.

Shin Guard Material:

Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA shin guards are available in different materials. Most players prefer leather made shin guards as they are more durable compared to other material shin guards. There are also synthetic leathers available in the market too. Synthetic leather made shin guards are low priced compared to leather shin guards. Moreover, synthetic leathers offer integration of different advancements in Muay Thai shin guards such as anti-odor or air circulation technology. However, compared to durability, leather made shin guard still wins the race.

There are other shin guards that are made sock sleeve type. Of course, the sock sleeve type is cheaper than leather made shin guards. But if you are planning to heavy strike, you should really go with the leather shin guards. Trust me choosing sock sleeves for professional Muay Thai or MMA is not a wise decision. Don’t compromise your safety just for the sake of a few bucks. Sock sleeve shin guards, on the other hand, are better for amateurs or beginners who are just starting with their Muay Thai training. Good product within a reasonable budget.

Type Of Shin Guards:

There are different types of Muay Thai shin guards available at your disposal. In this article, we will discuss four popular and heavily used Muay Thai shin guards. Here they are:

Striking Muay Thai Shin Guards:

Striking shin guards are best made for heavy strikes or charging against your opponent. These Muay Thai shin guards are usually leather made and different shin pad brands manufacture these shin guards with the aim to keep you on the fight.

They are made for your protection and their weight varies from heavy to light. You can easily choose the fitting for your shins. These shin guards usually come with two different parts – one for the shin another your insteps. They are supported at their back with an elastic strap to hold the shin pads strongly.

You can find these striking shin guards in Hayabusa, Fairtex, RDX Shin Guards, and others. 

Grappling Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA Shin Guards:

Grappling Shin Guards are best made to grapple. MMA players most of the time need to have the liberty of movement that allows them to go from striking to grappling. To serve this purpose, their shin guards have to come with such a configuration that will allow them to grapple without having to take their gear off.

Grappling shin guards are made to serve this purpose. Instead of velcro straps, these shin guards come with neoprene back. The addition of neoprene helps to keep everything in the pads in order.

Grappling shin guards are usually very lightweight. People who are looking for light shin guards can be a wise choice. However, lightweight often leads to vulnerability in protection. So beware once you decide to go with these shin guards.

Venom Kontact EVO/ Hayabusa Pro Shin Guards are the best example of grappling shin guards.

Hybrid Shin Guards For Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA:

Hybrid Shin Guards are the middle point between striking and grappling shin guards. They try to serve both of the purposes. They offer some characteristics that belong to striking shin pads and some that come from grappling shin pads.

For example, Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Shin Guards, they come with complete neoprene sleeve as you would expect from a grappling shin guard while they offer both shin and instep protection as you would find in a striking shin guard.

Competition Shin Guards:

These types of shin guards are also called Sock Style shin guards. They are usually made with cotton and not at all appropriate for heavy striking or grappling at all. In fact, they provide thinner shin guards padding than the grappling shin guards. Hence, competition shin guards provide less protection than any other known types of shin guards.

Then who uses them?

Competition shin guards are mostly made for amateur competition. Here, they need to make the least contact with each other. Anyway, you can use them during your home practice due to their lightweight, extremely budget-friendly price and easy to wear characteristics.

Quality Vs. Price:

While most Muay Thai,kickboxing and MMA players focus on quality, budget is also an important factor to meet up your demand. Beginners who are starting their Muay Thai training often feel like they should go for cheap low price shin guards.

But most of them don’t understand low budget shin guards often lead to vulnerability. Cheap shin guards fail to provide fair protection that is actually needed for a Muay Thai or MMA player. Most of the time, they don’t fit well, can cause irritation and fall off while being in the game. And of course, durability is another broken issue for them.
Hence, even if you are a beginner, you should go for the quality shin guards that may cost you a few bucks more. But it will surely provide you with the quality performance that you will remember for a lifetime. Remember, the successful pathway to being a good Muay Thai or MMA player depends on the progressive implementation of your training days.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What Are Shin Guards Made Of?

Shin guards are made of different materials. They are not just limited to the use of one material. Some are made of synthetic materials while some shin guards offer the protection of fiberglass. There are many shin guards that are made of polyurethane. Well, the use of polyurethane makes shin guards sturdy and heavy.

The level of impact a shin guard can take depends mostly on these materials. For example, foam rubber shin guards won’t provide as much protection as the ones that are made of synthetic materials.


How Do Shin Pads Prevent Injuries?

Shin pads are best known for reducing the effect of major strikes in Muay Thai,kickboxing or MMA sports. It protects soft leg tissue from opponent’s heavy charges. But whether it is useful to the major tibia or other bone fractures is still unknown.

How To Keep Shin Guards In Place?

You should place your shin guards under your socks. Make sure it is placed in position. Then, open the tape up and wrap it around your sock and bring it around your shin guard. Then wrap multiple times if necessary to tighten the tape but be careful because it might hamper your blood flow.

Can One Wear Shin Guards Without Socks?

There are hardly any Muay Thai players who would prefer to wear socks with shin guards. But some MMA players do like to have sock-style shin guards. Because it helps to keep the shin pads in place while going around the box or while grappling.

Can We Wash Shin Guards?

Yes, you can wash shin guards. You can wash them in your washing machine and use detergent to remove the dirt and odor. In the case of the plastic body, but the guards somewhere safe.

The use of shin guards is not limited to only Muay Thai or MMA training. Different sports all around the world have legalized the use of shin guards. Why? Because they care about safety. If you are someone who is thinking of starting your MMA,kickboxing or Muay Thai training, don’t forget to buy yourself the best pair of shin guards before hitting the floor. This is for the best. To help you choose the Best Muay Thai and MMA Shin Guards, we hope our article will be enough.

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