10 Best MMA Gloves [Reviewed and Rated 2021]

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Have you ever punched a wall once in your lifetime? Chances are you have. It was also most likely a harrowing experience.

Now, punching a professional martial artist who has spent countless years of his life honing his body into the perfect form with your bare hands is not an all too different experience.

This is because our fists cannot handle that much impact, even if we are the ones who are dealing with it. That is why every martial artist strives to get the best MMA gloves money can buy. Therefore, we have constructed this guide to help you find ten of the best gloves for training you can get as of this year.

Things to Consider When Buying MMA Gloves

There are a lot of things to consider before you buy these training gloves. We will walk you through the different types and materials before we talk about our best picks.

Gloves Type

Gloves are divided based on their purposes. As such, there are three types of sparring gloves:

• Sparring Gloves

These gloves are most similar to boxing gloves. However, they are still vastly different. These are worn when sparring and practicing your punching technique on the heavy bag.

As such, the padding is much thicker compared to the other types. They are heavier MMA gloves compared to the different types and have a grip bar to help form a fist. This, however, makes it ineffective for grappling. 

Training Gloves

This type comes in many names such as grappling gloves and hybrid gloves. The critical difference between this and the sparring type is your fingers can move freely without restriction.

 It covers up to the second knuckle. The freed-up fingers will enable you to grapple effectively while the padding keeps you protected. This allows you to work more on your technique, making them the best MMA gloves for training

Competition gloves

These types are the most critical type if you want to get into tournaments. They are quite different from the examples above. Also, they are specialized MMA gloves designed to be light based on tournament regulations.

Each glove has minimal padding, and every finger is separated, allowing you to grapple effectively. Due to the light padding, you need to wear an inner glove or hand wraps to give your hands more protection

Gloves Material

The material is also paramount to the purchasing decision. There are mainly two build materials you need to watch out for:

Foam Padding

This type does an excellent job of both protecting your arms and lasting long. It has been so effective that as of now, it is the most used type of material. You should strive to get high-quality variants of this type, as the quality of the foam differs much based on the quality the brand uses.


Another common type and for a good reason. Leather has incredible durability that can last countless clashes. Of course, cheaper units opt to use synthetic leather rather than its genuine variant, but overall, it is an excellent material that will hardly ever break; making them quality MMA gloves for training.

However, do keep in mind that genuine leather is much more expensive than the other types. Yes, synthetics are not too harmful, but you will be easily able to tell the difference. Nevertheless, if it is good quality and durable, it is a good option.


MMA Vs. Boxing Gloves [Ultimate Difference]

MMA and boxing gloves fulfil completely different purposes. As such, they are quite different in many ways:

• Martial Arts Support

The main difference lies in the fact that MMA gloves are meant to accommodate a multitude of martial arts. These gloves need to be suitable for Judo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and many more including boxing.

Boxing gloves, on the other hand, are designed solely built to suit boxing. You can notice this just from the way the glove is laid out. The fingers are not separated; they are, in fact, tightly knit together, giving you next to no room for moving your fingers.

This makes it impossible for you to grapple, as you cannot grasp anything due to their hand grip. They resemble the sparring MMA gloves. However, they are still fundamentally different. For one, even the sparring MMA gloves are smaller and give your fingers at least some range of motion.

Boxing gloves, however, do not. Its design is specialized just for boxing. They are not much good for other martial arts techniques.

That kind of limitation is unacceptable in the world of MMA. It has got to have the flexibility for all types of martial arts. Just punching will not do


Although MMA gloves are sometimes skewed to specialize a specific type of martial art over others, if you cannot use your fingers, you will not be able to escape grapples and other techniques; putting you at a significant disadvantage compared to your opponents.

Such methods are not even allowed in boxing, making grappling redundant in the sport.

Tournament Regulations

Boxing gloves are also generally not allowed in MMA tournaments. You will have to use the boxing variant of the MMA training gloves, which are much lighter than usual boxing gloves and have open fingers if you plan on boxing in an MMA event.

Although, this is yet another difference; MMA gloves tend to be much lighter, causing much more damage in the process


MMA gloves also have much less padding than boxing gloves. Meaning a punch from these types will cause maximum damage on your opponents; making matches shorter but more brutal.

Boxing types use a lot of padding which decreases the final force of each blow; resulting in a more prolonged fight but with less severe blows

Top 10 MMA Gloves for training and competition

With all of that out of the way, let us introduce you to our top picks for the best gloves as of this year.

RDX MMA Gloves


When we first put this on, we knew this was something special. The feel, the fit everything was just perfect. We knew that it had to be our top MMA gloves for training and competition.

It is a hybrid glove that brings numerous features to the table that makes it stand out from all its competitors. Namely, it’s excellent shock-absorbent padding. It disburses impact across your fist so you can barely feel the friction damage your arms; all of this while still weighing 4 oz.

Moreover, it has multiple layers that give your fists the highest degree of protection. As we mentioned, one layer equally disburses the impact, the other absorbs the brunt of the impact. The final sponge padding is left to protect you even on high-intensity punches.

Each finger is also separated perfectly for you to grapple with perfection. Its durability is also something worth mentioning. With all these features together, the price tag looks like a complete steal; making it one of the best choices for MMA gloves.


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves


When it comes to MMA gear, there are no understating Thailand’s superb brands. Among their brands, Venum manages to stand out as one of the best out there. They make some of the best martial arts gear out there, and thankfully, their MMA gloves are also beyond excellent.

Hailing from their epic Challenger series, these hybrid MMA gloves are as good as punching as they are in grappling. Just from the design, you can tell that it is ready to wreak some havoc. Just imagine how it will feel once you make that great punch.

It is lightweight, with just 4 oz density. It has high-density foam to prevent any damage without losing out on punching power. Each separated finger gives you full reign over your grappling game.

Fit is vital for a right and reliable glove; as such, this unit has a double closure system. This ensures a perfect and secure fit. You and Each punch will feel firm and controlled due to the ideal feeling size.


Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves


Completing the holy trinity of martial arts equipment brands, we introduce Hayabusa’s T3 gloves for your exclusive training. Its sleek black and red design makes it intimidating and imposing to your opponents. However, that intimidation is not backed up by anything.

This hybrid style glove brings a whole new dimension to the word stability. It fits perfectly onto your palm and does not waver no matter how hard or fast you much. It weighs just enough to enter tournaments and offers you plenty of power to punch and grapple.

It utilizes some of the best foam technology in the market. It is so high-tier, you will not even have to wait for it to break in for the perfect punch. They will feel like the perfect pair of MMA gloves from the first punch to the last.

They also do an excellent job of dissipating impact, preparing you to make the next punch immediately. You can make a flurry of punches, and its durable foam will not show signs of cracks or damages. Overall, it is just hard to go wrong with Hayabusa.



Everlast MMA Gloves


If your specialty is grappling, and you want to toss your enemy across the cage, then EverLast has just the right gloves for you. You know your gloves are completely secure when they wrap themselves completely around your wrists.

As the foundation of your hand, the glove’s grip on your arm is not going to move in the slightest.

With this confidence, you can make the most superb grapples without worrying about the gloves coming off. Its padding was got an overhaul from its predecessors. The ergonomics of this gear is now truly hard to beat.

Each punch can cause a devastating impact, and your maneuverability will skyrocket due to the foams’ superior flexibility. What makes this unit unique is that it tackles an issue.

While fighting, there is a high chance you are going to end up with a lot of sweat and blood on your wrists. All this moisture could hamper your performance. To counter that, this EverLast unit always uses its EverDri technology to keep your hands dry . This decreases fatigue and keeps you fighting longer in the ring.


Combat Sports MMA Gloves

So, a lot of you might be turned off by seeing that these are just half mitts. However, they deserve every ounce of respect despite that fact. That is because there are hardly any other gloves that welcome close to this glove based on quality.

You see, these are built for Muay Thai martial arts and grappling. It gives your hands immense versatility by letting each finger move with complete freedom. This makes grappling easy and effective.

The hands are also capable of going through a ton of unique motions as they are freed up. So, you can grab more effectively and take your enemies down. However, they do sacrifice a bit of its durability to attain it.

As a result, it is not as long-lasting as it could have been. However, it makes up for this flaw by being cheap MMA gloves for training and competition. As such, they are highly recommended for beginners.


Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis MMA Gloves


Hayabusa’s line of unbeatable gloves does not end with the T3. Its legacy goes deeper and deeper with excellent units like the Tokushu Regenesis. They took extra measures to make this entry so amazing.

The astute brand though ahead and wondered what would happen if they added an ergonomic 30 degrees curve to the gloves.

In fact, it turned out to generate a smooth and stress-free hand gear that felt comfortable to wear and practical to punch with. This kind of innovative design choice could only come from Hayabusa.

Additionally, making break-ins less mandatory, they ensured a perfect fitting with their unmatched wrist straps. It feels like a natural extension to your hands. This makes it easier for you to move your fingers for grapples as well.

When buying MMA gloves, you will naturally want something that can last you a long time. You would expect these training gloves to grow smelly after constant use, but this utilizes a unique microbial technology that keeps the smell away.

This technology is patented, meaning you will not find this kind of feature on any other brand


RDX F12 MMA Gloves


Yes, we take a step back to the brand that started it all, RDX. It retains a lot of what made the first entry so great. Starting from its sturdy build to its unique features, there is little reason you should not get this entry.

Of course, there is a reason it is much cheap than our first entry. It is because it sacrifices some of its durability to attain a lower price. However, this allows beginners to delve into this model and build their MMA experience.

It has RDX’s signature authentic Maya Hide leather and Tri-slab PC3 padding for the best protection and offense for the price. The high-grade material also boosts its durability.

The hook and loop system wrap around nicely on your hands and retains its positioning without wavering. Your fingers also get just enough movement to grapple effectively while still retaining its sparring qualities.

While you will not use them much in competitions, you can spar with MMA gloves like these well.



Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves


If your flight plan involves lots and lots of grappling, we have a pair for you. Its open finger system feels like you are not wearing any gloves at all, giving you all the room, you could need to grab your opponents.

Although the name outright positions this pair as a grappling set, it also delivers deadly blows. This means you can mostly seamlessly shift from grabbing and punching. It becomes more effective due to its Velcro closure system.

Your hands are wrapped tightly and stays on, no matter how wild your blows get.

Its insides are lined with anti-microbial properties, which means that it will reduce the odor of the glove. Meaning you will not have to deal with sweaty gloves after a tough training session or a prolonged brawl.

Furthermore, it utilizes the right combination of leather and foam to add the perfect mixture of comfort and durability. For its price, it does everything well. We can comfortably call it among the best this brand has ever produced.


Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves


It does not have undisputed in its title for anything. For our ninth entry, we are coming back to yet another excellent unit from one of the holy trinities of MMA glove brands. Undisputed lives up to its name based on the countless features it offers.

As far as threading goes, there has hardly been a unit that can match this. The attention to detail is impeccable. It could absorb countless punches with no changes to its carefully created form.

The padding offers multiple layers for unbeatable results. Its shock resistance is hard to contest as all impact gets evenly distributed onto the glove; protecting your hands and keeping you in shape to throw another punch. Only Venum could utilize foam this way.

It is made with the legendary premium Skintex leather. When purchasing MMA gloves for training and competition, you must always strive for the best possible material, and you should know, Skintex leather is among the best out there. With all these, you can be sure that this pair is premium.


Sanabul New Item Essential MMA Gloves


The sport alone is exhausting without any doubt and you don’t need a pair of gloves to exhaust your bank account too. Sanabul understands this dilemma, which is why they came out with this set of gloves.

Each of the gloves weighs 4 oz, and they are perfect for sparring. They can provide a great fit and help you make the perfect strike. The weight of the item makes it ideal for everyday gym use as well. You will not only get full dexterity while grappling but also do it without slowing down.

There is Velcro closure around the wrist which gives excellent wrist support, and the padded knuckles also make the extreme sport much more comfortable. The gloves will not slip off from the sweat either as there are a hook and loop closure.

Also, the gloves are made of finely engineered leather for more durability. Moreover, the pair is tried and tested by the professionals, and they all swear by it. It has been victorious against the rough use of the liked of Alan Jordan, and it will serve you well too.


MMA Glove Sizes and Weight Guide

Shopping for MMA competition and training gloves is not a simple task. The athlete needs to factor in different body measurements to adjust with the glove. In most cases, matching the weight of the glove with the person’s body mass is most convenient.

Professional Fighters

For professional fights, traditionally, both males and females tend to use gloves having 8 to 10 oz. These athletes will need hand wraps, so, it is wiser to wrap the hand before trying out the glove. A professional, at that stage, will already have a favorite MMA competition glove, but it is advised that they venture out for more sizes.

Average Fighters

Most commonly, there are three sizes of MMA gloves; that are small, medium, and large. They weigh 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz, respectively. However, a glove weighing 12 oz may be available for all three sizes. So, the average fighters should look out for size and weight individually.

The users should also keep in mind that even quality MMA gloves will expand with use. So, the users should also hold space for the glove to grow.

Typically, 14 oz gloves are used by an average male fighter while an average female fighter uses 12 oz. This measurement is not absolute and will vary from person to person. So, it is crucial that the individual check all the factors.

Since the gloves will expand with use, it is better to buy a pair that will be extra snug on the hands with the hand wrap on. Then, with time, the glove will fit the hand perfectly.


Basic Training

To become more adjusted with the overall training and weight, it is better to use gloves that weight more. So, for a beginner, the MMA glove size references will not be relevant. They can look up the appropriate size, but they should always choose a heftier glove.

The range for training gloves ranges from 12 to 20 oz, and it is different for both genders. For females or people with smaller hands, 12-14 oz is recommended. Any more than that cause muscle tension.

16 oz is the standard weight for any male in training, and it will not cause any harm to the wrist. For people weighing more, 18-20 oz can be advisable. This also depends on the comfort of the user. If they are uncomfortable at the beginning, they should take time to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I use my boxing gloves instead?

You can, but it is not recommended. Boxing gloves are specifically designed for boxing. They are not as effective in MMA. Therefore, you will be at a disadvantage. Besides that, most tournaments do not allow boxing gloves anyway, so it is in your best interest to get an MMA boxing glove.

2.What are the most popular glove brands?

The most popular MMA training and competition gloves brands are Hayabusa, Venum, and RDX. They have a massive reputation for making some of the best and most used gloves in the entire industry.

3.What should I look for when buying a pair?

If you want to know how to buy the best MMA gloves, all you must do is read the ‘Things to consider when purchasing MMA gloves’ and MMA gloves weight and size guide here. It should guide you on what you need to watch out for.

4.Are these gloves separate for men and women?

No, all of them are unisex. Essentially, all you need to do is take proper measurements of the size and buy accordingly. Do not worry about the gender of the gloves too much.

5.How much do competition gloves weigh?

Most competitions require gloves to weigh 4 oz or less. More than that is usually prohibited. Therefore, these types have minimal padding.


Yes, there was a lot to learn, and it could easily seem overwhelming. We all have our unique preferences, so no matter how we rank them, your choice will make the ultimate decision.

Nonetheless, you are now armed will all the knowledge you need to get the best MMA gloves for you. So, get them and start beating all your competitors

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