Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag Training [Reviewed And Rated 2021]

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Ready to start training to become the ultimate champion fighter?

Alright, that may seem too exaggerated, but you have to aim high if you want to reach new heights.

Now that we’re on the right mindset, we need to consider and start acquiring every piece of equipment we’ll need for our training sessions.

Today, we’ll focus on the best heavy bag gloves, an essential equipment for everyone inclined to initiate their journey into this art.

Because it is not only about punching but about taking damage and absorbing the impact produced from said punch.

First and foremost, we’ll learn what makes these gloves efficient, and we’ll go through everything you’ll need to consider before purchasing a set.

Things to Consider before Buying Heavy Bag Gloves

Before picking our pair of heavy gloves, we need to know what features they must offer if we want the highest quality performance.

Here’s a list of the essentials;


Clearly, one of the very first things you need to sort out is what sports will you be practicing. Only then you’ll be able to choose the necessary equipment compatible with your needs.

Despite the fact that some brands mention their gloves are for a certain sport like boxing or Muay Thai, you can also use them for other activities such as Jiu-Jitsu.

Keep in mind that they are different items, and while some may be good for multiple activities, you’ll need specific equipment if your purpose is doing MMA. In this case, fingerless-designed gloves would be the better choice.

Construction Material

If you want to start practicing a fighting sport, your hands will be your most precious assets. Therefore, protecting them is something you must do at all costs.

Even though it sounds complicated since you’ll be punching people around, these gloves will make that task easier. That is, of course, if they are well-made equipment.

For a high-quality performance, you’ll want leather gloves. No other material is capable of being highly effective in giving but at receiving too.



How long the glove lasts depends on many things, like how regularly you use it, the quality of the material used to produce them, and how well-made they are in terms of stitching.

Fortunately for us, most of the products listed on our review are durable. Perhaps some won’t last for many years, but they’ll be there for a long time as you make progress in your skillset.

Protective Measures

As stated above, the material used to produce the gloves is one indicator of how well-protected your hands are, but it is not the only one. For ultimate security measures, you’d want protective foam or thick padding additions.

Some brands go as far as adding gel infused into their foam parts, which is the ultimate safety measure you could need, as it effectively prevents injuries while training.

When you’re looking into padded gloves, do a thorough inspection to ensure it is thick enough. Just because it has padding doesn’t mean you’re safe. On some occasions, it is too thin, and it won’t absorb shocks or impacts. Definitely keep an eye out for that.

Attached Thumb

If you haven’t thrown a punch before, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to injure your thumb. It is one of those things that you don’t even consider it can happen until it does.

Again, keeping your well-being always first, boxing gloves offer an attached thumb feature that maintains one of your most vulnerable fingers in good shape as you throw some punches around.

A Fit Wrist

Also, don’t forget about adjustable straps for a tight fit on your wrist. It allows the glove to remain in place with proper wrist support throughout your training sessions.


10 Best Heavy Boxing Gloves Reviewed 2020

And now that we know what makes a good set of boxing gloves, we can move on to our next section where we review the top picks to see what they have to offer for us.

Winning MS600 Boxing Gloves


This lace-up style glove recalls old times when we used to watch the top boxers doing what they did best on live TV. The boxing gloves may not be suitable for everyone since they are somewhat outdated, but there’s no doubt that they get the job done assisting us with strength and protection.

Since the gloves are the lace type, most boxers will be able to use them comfortably. Naturally, you need to check them out first, but you can’t go wrong with this equipment.

There are two versions available: red, and gold. Choosing which one depends on your taste, but both of them have that vintage look with standard colors that match most outfit gear.

Although the padding is not the best, it does offer protection for our hands. It feels soft, but not too much. An alright amount, we’d say. After all, we never want to have pillow-like softness as it becomes awkward when training.

Despite weighing 16 ounces, it sure doesn’t feel like that when you’re wearing them. They got the weight, but you often have the impression that the gloves are as heavy as 14 ounces or sometimes less.

Highlighted Features

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves


You can get a pair of these gloves in seventeen different colors! Enough to satisfy and match your boxing gear and look stylish as you throw punches away. It is an authentical equipment from a well-established brand famous for creating state of the art products for training.

To produce them, the manufacturer uses goatskin leather – a material with many benefits. To name a few, they are water-resistant, to the point of keeping the moisture from water or sweat away; preventing it intervenes with your routine. These boxing gloves are quite comfortable too.

As a safety measure, there’s the attached thumb feature as well. It offers protection for your thumb when the training sessions start getting intense and we start getting carried away. More so, you’ll have 2-inches of foam with latex quality for optimum padding guard on the fists.

For quick gear up, the gloves feature the complete hook and loop mechanism. It allows boxers to get the gloves either on or off without hassles.

These boxing gloves could’ve easily been on our first spot. They feel like feathers but hit like a ton of rock. Sure, they may be expensive gloves, but investing in them pays off.

Highlighted Features

RDX Boxing Gloves for Training


If you want to be a champ, you have to start looking and feeling like one. With this set of boxing gloves, you’ll have the opportunity to rock your training equipment during every training session.

But let’s not go too deep into its look. Let’s talk about the performance of this equipment.

The Maya-Hide construction process uses high-quality leather material to make the gloves durable like no other. There are no risks of cracks, no tearing, and no splits either.

Furthermore, the extra-thick foam feature provides the protection we need. Whether you partake in low or high-intensity training sessions, the padding guards both of your hands during those hard-hitting hooks or jabs.

You also get large bands for higher wrist fitting support. It is compatible with people of different heights, feeling comfortable and supportive throughout your training.

The technology for ventilation is incredible too. Called the Elite S.P.P, it is a feature that analyzes the palm to supply proper air to flow through the breathable material and maintain sweating at minimum.

On the other hand, no pun intended, the Quadro-Dome innovative tech offers foam with multiple layers for the ultimate sturdiness.                                                                                                                            

Highlighted Features

Sanabul Essential Boxing Training Gloves


If you’ve ever wondered why leather is such an outstanding material, then you need to do nothing else than to try this set of gloves. For one, the high-quality of its construction design allows boxers to use them regularly for intense training sessions without suffering damages.

And, once you finish your training, the material is easy to clean. Maintaining the gloves doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes of our day, and it ensures they will last long. Perhaps they’re not the longest-lasting heavy bag gloves, but they do well in terms of reliability.

For your protection, the gloves offer gel foam, an infused addition that successfully absorbs the energy to prevent it causes damage to any part of our hands. When training, hitting the target feels soft and comfortable.

If you enjoy new things, you’ll like the arch design, created in a longitudinal direction to form fists and connect right where we want to hit.

What’s not new is the secure hook which, combined with the loop system, locks the gloves around your hand. It offers a tight fit for your training, allowing boxers to train as long as they want without losing support.


Highlighted Features

TITLE Boxing Training Gloves, Pro Style


These are some of the most affordable gloves for heavy bags on the market. But, just because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean that they are less powerful. You can wear them in two color combinations; red/white or blue/white. The sizes available are 12, 14, and 16 oz.

One of the best benefits of this pair of gloves is their padding quality. If you’re an intense boxer that often finds himself hard-hitting bags for hours, having equipment like this one helps reduce the risks of injuries on your hands.

When you’re looking to update your old 10 oz gloves, these come in as the perfect replacement. They are not professional gear, but considering the price, we shouldn’t expect any of that.

However, in some elements, the gloves do feel very professional. More specifically, we’re talking about the wrist support, which is good. Through the velcro, putting the boxing gloves on or taking them off is very simple and easy to do.

Overall, not the best gloves, but way better than most.


Highlighted Features

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


Color and design shouldn’t be the first thing you consider for boxing gloves, but we couldn’t help ourselves with this pair; they look so incredible! It is the kind of equipment you want to have to display your skills to the fullest. If you’re exposing yourself, do it right.

This glove set features Premium Skintex, a high-quality material construction that is good, but sadly not durable. Right below the fits, you have a mesh panel that produces an outstanding thermal regulation to make you feel comfortable when training.

A small difference between these gloves and some others included in this list is that they don’t offer four-layer foam, but rather triple density. Still, it doesn’t disappoint in performance either, as it transports your body strength to the target efficiently, and it absorbs the energy to reduce impact damage.

There’s another feature that helps you absorbing impact energy, and that’s the reinforced palm. Additionally, the gloves provide a one hundred percent thumb attachment, highly recommended as it prevents possible injury risks.

Undeniably, these gloves are one of the most stylish you’ll find. You may face some issues, though, as they’re not durable. Also, there may be some additional space inside.

Highlighted Features

Having matching equipment may help us down the road establishing our unique brand. For more design variety, this brand offers more than twelve different color combinations to satisfy everyone. Each one of them is good-looking, well-made, and soon becomes an investment worth making.

Why is that? You’re probably wondering now. Well, for starters, the four foam layer construction design is top-notch. There’s no need to break in, ensuring an impressive performance throughout the glove’s lifespan.

There’s also the DUAL-X system for closure, which offers us a lace-like fitting for more comfort while wearing the gloves. At the backside, you’ll find several splints for interlocking, providing the support our wrists need during training.

These handcrafted gloves are durable as well. The microfiber used to produce them goes through a high-quality engineering process to resist against cracks, abrasion, and any possible tear that may cause permanent damage.

We have to mention the microfiber thumb too, as it works well by reducing and eliminating the sweat that could feel very uncomfortable when you’re training.

Before purchasing, make sure to check if the size is compatible with your hand. These gloves are rather small when compared to the others on this list.

Highlighted Features

Trideer Essential Gel Boxing Training Gloves


Are you looking to replace your old and worn down gloves? Then you’ve come to the right place! This set of boxing gloves meet many of our expectations. They are a worthy upgrade to make your training hours more fun and less painful on your hands.

We liked these gloves so much because of how thoughtful the manufacturer is. You can see they care for us since the moment the product arrives in our hands, being completely cushioned and protected in a plastic bag.

After getting opened the package, the gloves weren’t crushed, which was quite pleasant.

But the gloves do smell quite a bit. The rubber fragrance is unpleasant regardless of the product, and it is no different in this case. To get rid of it, try airing both items for a couple of hours.

Once you get past that issue, the gloves are incredible in both quality and weight. It goes without saying that they look quite luxurious and stylish as well. When wearing them, it would be pretty easy to stand out above the competition.

Some customers have shown concern about these gloves saying they aren’t capable of forming a full fist.

Highlighted Features

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves


Regardless of your boxing experience, high or low, having a pair of gloves like these could come in handy when you least expect it. They are quite cheap, meaning that you won’t have to invest too much money into them. Both students and professionals can use it and make the best out of it.

For the price, you’ll hardly find anything better. These gloves are among the best for different sports like MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai. 

Surprisingly enough, this pair of boxing gloves have lasted for a long time since first used. The materials withstand shocks by absorbing them efficiently.

Then comes the learning period in which you’ll learn how to get used to the gloves. During the first training sessions using them, you may notice and feel the impacts on your hands. There are two reasons for this issue; poor-quality thin padding, and because you need to break it to make them better.

The thin padding could quickly become a problem that causes you physical pain, though. If you’ve suffered from this type of ache before, perhaps looking at another offer would be better.

Other than that, the gloves are alright. They are sturdy, durable, and perfect for novice boxers.


Highlighted Features

Cheerwing MMA Gloves


Perhaps this pair sits at our last position, but we’ve picked the best among the best, so there aren’t many things that will disappoint you about these gloves.  You can get it in six colors; black, blue, yellow, red, white, and gold. There’s a lot of variety to match the rest of your equipment.

These boxing gloves feature PU leather combined with high-quality EVA foaming. When you’re wearing it, your training sessions quickly improve since they can absorb shock and impacts comfortably. The gloves withstand the test of time as they are easy to wash after use.

Because not every fighter is the same, these gloves allow you to customize them. The wide strap for the wrist is adjustable, meaning that you’ll be able to set it to fit perfectly around your wrist with proper support.

The gloves are excellent for MMA fighters specifically. The fingerless construction design makes it possible to practice that grappling technique regularly used in this particular sport. But although your fingertips are in the open, there’s comfortable protection for your joints.

Unfortunately, the gloves aren’t for everyone. If you’re a rather small person, the gloves may end up being too large for you.

Highlighted Features

Tips on Finding Perfect Gloves Size for Heavy Bag

As you can see, buying heavy bag gloves is an activity that reduces to only ten picks that manage to deliver and satisfy most of our expectations. But there’s one thing left we need to discuss; the glove size, and how to pick one suitable for you.

Sorting out which size we’ll need is an essential step that we can’t miss.  It may vary depending on what you plan to do with it, of course. For instance, boxing and MMA gloves don’t necessarily have to share the same dimensions.

For boxing, there are some standard sizes that you’ll see popping on most websites related to this field, and those are 8, 10, 14, and 16 oz. Knowing the weight you need will be a decisive element separating the gloves from success or utter failure.

If you decide to go for heavy gloves weighing between 14-16 oz, you also get a couple of extra benefits such as more padding to maintain the hands well protected during the training.

By now, you probably noticed that our focus during the article were gloves between that range of weight. And that’s because they are versatile equipment that we can use for a variety of activities, like hitting heavy bags or mitts.

To find the perfect-sized boxing glove, you also need to confirm there’s no awkward space inside. Having widened wrist straps here is almost necessary because it provides the support we’ll need to keep the glove on its place around our hand.

So, before making a hurried decision, check twice to make sure the glove fits your hand. Read past customer reviews to see their experience, and don’t forget to try the gloves using hand wraps if you use that for your training as well.

Light or Heavy Bag Gloves – Which Is Better?

Deciding between these two types of boxing glove could be complicated if you don’t know their purposes. Let’s go through it quickly.

Many boxers prefer light gloves for many reasons, one of which being that it makes them rely less on large and heavy gloves when looking for defense. With light boxing gloves, you have a better energy transfer throughout your hand. However, using large and heavy boxing gloves has its benefits too. For instance, it adds more weight for you to carry around your equipment comfortably.

Also, more weight often means more protection, especially considering there’s room for more padding, which means more protection on your precious money-maker hands.

As you can see, deciding which one is better is a matter of personal preferences that depends on what you do with the gloves. For more than one reason, though, heavy boxing gloves are often the preferred choice between both professionals and novice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands offer the best gloves??

We always say brands don’t matter, but in this case, they do. Every one of them offers a different weight distribution on their gloves, and that’s something we have to remember to find our top boxing gloves.

Cleto Reyes, RDX, and Sanabul are good choices.

How to find a proper fit?

We discussed it earlier, but always try the gloves on using the hand wraps. Also, when you’re testing the boxing gloves, move your hand around and make fists to see how comfortable they are.

Are old-style bag gloves any good?

For a stylish look, sure, but just like with any other old school equipment, they are not the best nowadays. They are light, and there’s barely any padding in those things. The question here is how much you want to protect your hands.

What about gloves of Mexican style?

They are small, allowing you to make proper fists if you’re looking to hit. While they are efficient for competing, they are not so good for training, as they lack padding.

How do I get assistance to buy comfortable boxing gloves?

Go to a gym. A boxing trainer can offer information you could’ve missed out. They also should have a lot of boxing gloves there. Consider their shape, how much padding it has, and whether or not it feels comfortable for you.


As satisfying as punching another human being can be, not having proper equipment may lead to severe damage to your hands. To prevent that from happening, consider getting your best heavy bag gloves.

You have the information you need, and the top offers currently available. Now, it is your turn to go out there and start practicing with the right equipment.

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