Best Boxing Headgear [Reviewed and Rated 2020]

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Whether you want to get into boxing, or you are already a seasoned expert, you need to have a headgear. As exhilarating as boxing is, there is always a risk of serious injury. While boxers must learn to love the pain, ending up with cuts and bruises can take time to heal.

You can end up with a lot of scrapes and bruises from blows to the head. Not to mention concussions that can completely throw you off your game. So, you have to attain the best boxing headgear available.

However, you might think that you could stick to the public headgears in your local boxing gym. However, if hygiene is of any concern, then you should avoid those. They are covered in sweat and sometimes the blood of the previous user; none of you which you will ever want on you.

So, it is ideal always to carry your own rather than depending on the ones used by others. Nonetheless, the headgear market is pretty big. It is easy to get lost with all the different options you have and all of its unique features. As such, we created a comprehensive list of ten of the best boxing headgears out there for you.

Whether you want to get into boxing, or you are already a seasoned expert, you need to have a headgear. As exhilarating as boxing is, there is always a risk of serious injury. While boxers must learn to love the pain, ending up with cuts and bruises can take time to heal.

You can end up with a lot of scrapes and bruises from blows to the head. Not to mention concussions that can completely throw you off your game. So, you have to attain the best boxing headgear available.

However, you might think that you could stick to the public headgears in your local boxing gym. However, if hygiene is of any concern, then you should avoid those. They are covered in sweat and sometimes the blood of the previous user; none of you which you will ever want on you.

So, it is ideal always to carry your own rather than depending on the ones used by others. Nonetheless, the headgear market is pretty big. It is easy to get lost with all the different options you have and all of its unique features. As such, we created a comprehensive list of ten of the best boxing headgears out there for you.

Pros And Cons Of Headgear

Before we go any further, you get to know some arguments for and against getting a headgear. Let us start with the pros;

As high as these pros are, there is no doubt that there are some flaws that you need to know about as well. So here are the cons;

10 Best Boxing Headgear

Now that you know the pros and cons of getting this equipment, we can finally move on to introducing our top picks for the best headgears as of 2019.


1. Hayabusa MMA Headgear

When it comes to padding quality, it is almost impossible to beat Hayabusa. Just from a glance, you should be able to tell how much care they put into each unit. It is made out of pure premium quality full-grain leather. Putting it on is a treat, and you will hardly want to take it off.

The thick padding keeps your face and nose well protected. There is little to no chances of bruises and cuts due to its high-tier and tight protection. It covers the entirety of your face without impeding your vision. 

A good chunk of headgears does not protect the chin. The chin is the most punched portion of the entire head. Which why its highly padded chin guard keeps you safe.

Its design makes it perfect for absorbing shock. This is through its use of the Crush Zone core. It distributes the force along the padding to reduce how much of the impact damages you; note that it does not mean you are protected from head jarring.

Although its layout makes sure your eyes are not obstructed, a poor fit will make it harder to see anyway. This Hayabusa unit brings in the T-cross closure feature that customizes it’s fitting to suit you.

With all of this under its belt, there is no doubt that even among the best-padded boxing headgears, this unit is something special.


2.Winning Headgear Fg2900


We know what you might be thinking. How could a headgear possibly cost this much? While we admit that this Winning model might be one of the most expensive models out there, it more than justifies its cost.

From its padding to its layout, this manages to accomplish the role of boxing headgears elegantly. This primarily comes from its lightweight design. You can barely feel any weight on your head while fighting, decreasing how stiff you might feel from other options.

The secret behind this weight lies in the material of the headgears. Yes, despite its immense price tag, this unit does not utilize actual leather, going for a synthetic option instead. However, it is not just any kind of synthetic leather; it is Winning’s unique style that boosts its durability while also barely weighing anything at all.

Authentic leather does, unfortunately, weight quite a bit, but this smart design option gives Winning the unique lightweight while covering most of your front face. Now, we should move on to discussing its padding. The quality of the headgear often relies on its padding capabilities, and this unit delivers in spades.

It utilizes its shock-absorbing synthetic leather to cover most of your forehead and cheek, even extending to your nose. While the outer layer is strong, the inner layer is soft and flexible to fit your face despite whatever your size may be. All in all, it is among the best protective boxing headgear for head and nose.


3.Venum Elite Headgear

Securing the third spot on our list is an excellent model from a prestigious brand hailing from Thailand. Venum offers the perfect boxing headgears at an unbeatable price. The quality each of these units introduce is nothing to scoff at.

Let us start by introducing its legendary triple density foam. You can be sure that it absorbs shock elegantly to protect your face and nose at all costs. On the inside, you will feel comfortable due to its complete design.

This model offers some protection to your ears as well. That is a feature not present in most other models. It does so without making you feel pulled and uncomfortable. This makes your dodging even more effective.

As your ears are now nicely tucked in, they are no longer in danger from last-minute dodges from punches to the face. It gives you more leeway on your dodging. Certain boxers also will not be able to bite your ears either.

To aid in its dodging prowess, the unit manages to retain a very lightweight. There is a reason why it is called ‘Elite’; because it was made for elite boxers. As such, the design is more streamlined, light, and just right for boxing. It might be the best cheap headgear on the market.



4.RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training


This model is quite similar to the Venum headgear we mentioned. However, it serves a different purpose to build its name. While our third entry had a streamlined design to make it more suitable for tournaments, this entry focuses on sparring.

It uses a special kind of foam to absorb most of the impact into the headguard; protecting your face and nose as a result.

The unit offers full protection, covering your forehead, cheeks, chin, and ears. This headgear also covers most of the ears protecting it from impact. You would think that gear that covers all points would be hard to fit into, and you would be generally right.

However, RDX employs a hook and loop adjustability system to match your unique shapes. As cheap as the headgear itself is, it stands on its own as one of the best out there. The Maya hide leather used is extremely durable; it will not show signs of damage even after a long beating.

Due to its design, it may not be too suitable for competitions. Nonetheless, it is great for sparring and practicing, making it an incredible training headgear. It is something that you will enjoy carrying off to your local boxing gym and taking a few hits with.

Additionally, one of the most significant points of the headgear is that it barely costs anything to buy. It is a great introductory headgear that is great for sparring and training. While you might not be taking this to competitions, it is easily among the best boxing headgears for beginners.


5.Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear


We have been talking about a lot of modern styled headguards on your list. So, let us take a moment to introduce you to the glory of the traditional style. Of course, modern design is perfectly effective, but there is a very good reason why the traditional design has stood the test of time and lasted for so long.

Our fifth entry is by Cleto Reyes, one of the best brands that mastered the art of creating this equipment. In the bluntest sense possible, this unit is an amazing traditional training headgear. It utilizes a three-point anatomical fitting to fit most faces.

The design covers the face, cheeks, and chin for well-rounded protection. It uses genuine leather to offer comfort, and the latex foam padding protects you from shock. Best of all, it gives you full vision. 

As it is made using pure leather, you can bet that it will not show any signs of wear and tear any time soon; if at all. It also manages to weigh very less considering the build quality and design. There is a good reason why this style is mostly used in the Olympics.

It deserves a spot on your list of considerations. The functionalities of this headgear make it a quality MMA and boxing headgear. When combined with its durability, there is practically no reason to ignore this superb unit.


6. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear


This model is very similar to the Venum Elite model we introduced previously. However, there is a key difference between the two. Mainly, the challenger was designed to suit amateurs rather than professionals. 

It is an excellent model for beginners as its more highly padded compared to the Elite. This product has a double layer foam protection for the cheeks,nose and temples, and a single layer for the chin for complete protection. Like the Elite, it also protects your ears from any threats.

The universal fit design and flexibility allows just about anyone to put it on quickly and effectively. It even offers a great deal of comfort to the user with its nice and comfortable fabric lining on the inside. On the outside, it utilizes Skintex leather rather than genuine leather.

That might turn off a few. However, it more than justifies this with its low price. Of course, it will not be as durable as pure leather, but with a price like that, it is hard to complain. If you are looking for a cheaper headgear that has most of what makes the Venum Elite so great, then definitely get the challenger 2.0.


7.Ringside Fightgear Master's Competition Headgear


Sometimes, one size that fits all options are not that reliable. As such, you will want to get something that fits you properly.

It is introducing this fantastic Ringside unit that brings a ton of sizes to the table. Simply match up the sizes with your head and bear witness to how comfortable you can feel with this spectacular headgear on. It will feel like it belongs on your head. Also, this product was made specifically for people with smaller heads.

Now, let us discuss its superb protection. The forehead, temples, and cheeks are completely protected. Also, the padding around the cheek extends towards the nose to give it some much-needed protection as well.

Along with its many size options, it has a hook and loop adjustability system, so there are almost no gaps and perfect fit. When perfection is mandatory, it does more than deliver. As such, it has earned the right to be called a competition headgear.

The thick padding offers extreme protection to the face and nose. It will not falter even after the hardest hits. Although it might be a bit bulky, it is an overall excellent choice.


8. Everlast 4022 Boxing Head Gear (Black)


After introducing so many astounding models, we have to acknowledge that not all of our readers will be interested in something for pure competition purposes. Some might be into light sparring rather than hard sparring and competitions. For those people, we introduce Everlast 4022.

Just from a glance, you can tell that this model is quite small. However, it plays that into becoming a desirable feature. We know that lightweight gears are a benefit of headgears.

This unit is as light as it gets, weighing a measly 590 grams. You will barely feel the thing on you. That does not mean you will be getting no protection.

The Everlast unit utilizes thin padding for protection rather than extra thick ones. This is to both reduce the weight of the unit and reduce the price. Trust us when we say that this is maybe the cheapest sparring headgear on our list.

It is a great option for those who want to get into light spars. However, it does not hold up for those who want to utilize it for hard and regular spars and tournament use. Otherwise, it is a quality headgear you can get at a low price for light use.


9. Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear


We have to start this off by clearly stating that this is not generally allowed for competition use. However, the purpose of this headgear is to give you a feel for competition headguards for sparring or training so that you know what to expect and how to work around it.

As such, it is an excellent option for sparring if you plan on joining a lot of tournaments.

A lot of people have a hard time adapting to the competition style equipment after becoming too accustomed to sparring gear. With this, you will barely feel any difference once you step into the light. It is a great unit to practice in, and this is evident by its superior material and build quality.

The headwear is made out of durable leather and laminated foam. A product made of leather of this caliber will barely show any signs of wear, no matter how many punches it takes. It can easily become one of your staple training tool for years to come.

On the other hand, the aforementioned laminated foam does an astounding job in dispersing hits to protect your face and nose. Bruises will become a thing of the past. You will rarely find something so durable yet flexible.

It also provides a good deal of coverage. Based on the layout, it suits the kind of headgear you would wear in tournaments. It covers as much as those do but offers maximum protection to the regions it covers.


10. TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear


We have finally reached the end of our list. We did not save the worst for last, as this Gel powered TITLE Boxing unit goes beyond what you can expect for a final entry. As the name states, it was designed to train with, and it delivers hard.

Firstly, we should take a look at its all-leather design. This drastically increases its durability; allowing it to take punch after punch without signs of faltering. Moreover, the headgear has incredible longevity, being able to last years despite the countless punches it takes.

Like the many models we have already discussed, it utilizes a kind of hook and loop system that lets you adjust its size based on the shape of your face. It also uses an elastic top to fit you perfectly. Besides that, it comes in two sizes, regular and large.

All of the sides are padded with high-tier gel lining and multi-layered foam for ultimate comfort and protection. It protects your entire face with its full-faced design covering the cheeks,nose, forehead, back, and ears. The chin is also protected with the strap, but not completely.

In contrast to the Everlast model, its high-tier padding is great for hard spars. It is the kind of headgear professionals and beginners alike would bring to their boxing gym for practice. With all the benefits it offers, this combat headgear is an excellent addition to your boxing gear.

Does Headgear Prevent Concussion?

Whether or not headgears prevent concussions has been a highly debated topic since its inception. A study has shown that despite the padding and shock absorption, it does not completely prevent concussions, as your brain might still be jarring.

Although it may reduce the impact, a one-thousand-pound punch from a professional will not be faltered.

Vision Impairment

Some people also claim that these items are worse for boxers to wear. This stems from the notion that they interfere with one’s vision; rendering them unable to dodge on time and subsequently get massive damages and more concussions. This heightens the need for proper sizes based on the shape of your head.

False Sense of Security

There is nothing worse than being induced with a false sense of security and subsequently taking risky and bad moves that may cripple your chances. A lot of users, beginners, in particular, fall under this belief that the best headgear can prevent any kind of damage to your head.

As such, they tend to get reckless and hurt themselves as a process. This is why it is recommended for them to take bulkier headgears rather than streamlined competition ones so that they start getting used to the impact. Also, they must learn that they cannot rely on it solely to prevent concussions.

However, a lot of people do not go through this learning process. As a result, more and more people using these get concussions due to their misuse. This has forced several competitions to ban the use of these gear entirely.

Closing Statements

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should not get headgears. They are excellent for training and sparring. You just have to learn that you have to rely on your fighting prowess rather than the headgear; you will get fewer concussions that way.


Competition Vs. Sparring Headgears

For boxing, there are two types of headgears you need to look out for. The competition type and the sparring type. Each offers different kinds of utility, so you must learn about the types to realize what sets them apart and which one you should choose.

Competition Headgear

This type heavily prioritizes on agility rather than protection. They make sure that you have a full vision so you can see every punch coming your way. It also focuses on being lightweight.

If it ends up being heavy, it will heavily impede your ability to make proper dodging maneuvers. As such, these barely weigh anything and lets you quickly dodge any blow. However, these types have a lot of complications behind them.

They are made for competing in tournaments, but you need to know if they are allowed in the competition you want to participate. Some types are banned while others are allowed. It is your job to check and see whether it is allowed or not in the competition you want to participate.

Sparring Headgear

In contrast with the competition headgear, this type focuses heavily on the padding. They also have a higher variety based on the kind of protection they offer. This can stem from the material to how much of your face it covers.

Besides all that, it is just designed to make sure you can take a strong punch from your partner without ending up with cuts and bruises. As such, they focus on keeping your face tight. They also give a lot of emphasis on comfort.

Generally, there are no restrictions imposed on sparring sessions. However, you need to make sure they are durable enough to take multiple beatings.


Guidelines for Choosing the Best Headgear

Now it is time to get you ready for purchasing a headgear. With all these options available to you, you have to be smart to know that you are not wasting your money and that you are making a wise investment. So, here are a few things you need to watch out for.


The fit is probably the most important factor for a headgear. If it does not fit, it will shift and squirm in your head, causing you to have inferior vision compared to your opponent.

It is also less effective when it comes to protecting you from damage. This is because the headguard will not have a good grasp of your face to prevent cuts and bruises.

An ill-fitted headguard might also increase the chances of injury as well. So, before you buy, it is essential that you watch out for the kind of sizes they offer and if it would fit you. Make sure it also has the appropriate straps to keep your gear locked in place.


If you are not comfortable, you are not effective. This is because you will not be able to give as much focus as you would like to while you fight. As such, you should take steps to make sure that whatever you get feels comfortable.

Check the kind of material they use on the inside and see if it meets your requirements. The best way to be sure is to wear and see if it meets your tastes or not.


Using poor material will mean your headgear will become useless fast. These guards need to endure countless punches one after another. This is why it needs to have the material that can handle each blow and still last you for years to come.

When it comes to material, the ideal one is leather. They have the strongest durability and the longest lifespan. However, if it is good enough, synthetic leather could also work.


We already mentioned how vital visibility is in the previous section. So, you should already know how dangerous it is to fight with poor visibility. However, many headgears, mostly sparring ones, sacrifice some visibility to add protection.

So, you need to get something that you know can give you full vision. It needs to be able to give you a full peripheral vision. Like comfort, you need to wear and see if you want it with certainty.


This refers to how much of your head the guard covers. When it comes down to it, if the headwear cannot protect you, it is useless. At the very least, it needs to cover your forehead, temple, and cheeks.

Some units go as far as covering your back, chin, nose, and ears as well. However, your vision takes priority over the coverage. So, try to get something that gives you the most coverage with full vision.

Headgear Sizing Guide

Like we stated, your size needs to be accurate for the best results. As such, it is essential in choosing the best boxing headgears. So, here are a few things you need to watch out for.

You need to match the size available with the sizes of your head — these range from small to extra-large.

Getting the wrong size is a huge mistake. If it is too small, the tightness will cause headaches. If it is too large, then it will end up hampering your vision and dodging skills.

As such, make sure the sizes match. There are also universal size options. They usually can adjust to the shape of your head, but if your head is too large or too small, they still might not fit you.

That also needs to be considered if you want to make sure it fits you perfectly. However, the indisputable way to get it right is to try one on. Only then you can be 100% certain that its design will fit you perfectly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding boxing headgears:

1. What do I do if my competition headgear is illegal in a tournament?

This is by far the biggest concern for anyone who participates in competitions. To avoid this issue, the best option is to check with the authorities of the tournament you are participating in. Then try to get one that matches their criteria.

2. My headgear is giving me constant headaches; what do I do?

If putting on your headgear gives headaches, it is likely to be too small for you. Your best option is to switch to a different model.


3. What kind of padding is the best?

The type of padding is a highly subjective matter. Different people prefer different types. The most general and the safest bet would be foam padding. However, other types like Gel are equally viable.

4. Is it ok to spar with competition headgear?

Nothing is stopping you from doing so. However, it is not recommended. This is because this type specializes in vision and mobility rather than padding. It means you are likely to get injured if you do not use a sparring type.

5. Is vision always more prioritized than padding?

In most cases, yes. However, you should know that if you are sparring, some loss in vision due to superior padding is not an issue. This is because, for sparring, padding is the main benefit of headgears. On the other hand, vision is paramount in competitions.


We have gone over a lot of details. However, with all this knowledge, there is nothing you do not know about boxing headgears. The rest is up to you.

Now, go forth and buy the best boxing headgear you can find.

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