10 Best BJJ Gi’s and Jiu Jitsu Gi’s [Reviewed 2020]

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Watching the professionals may get us excited, but there are a lot of things to learn before diving deep into a martial art like the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

It is a tough discipline that requires control of mind, body, and the use of proper gear for training sessions.

We’re here to help you with that last part. Today, we’ll review the following equipment to find the best BJJ Gi for you.

Keep in mind that finding the perfect size and comfortable fit may take some time. Don’t get frustrated if you continue to stumble onto Gis that aren’t compatible with your body.

With that warning in mind, now we can continue with the article to learn what makes a top-quality BJJ Gi.

Things to Consider before Buying a BJJ and Jiu-Jitsu Gi

What are some essential features to consider? Here’s what you need to keep in mind to find your perfect BJJ Gi;


Commonly, most Gis feature cotton as their construction material. It is a type of fabric that delivers almost everything; softness, durability, and reduces impacts efficiently.

Collar Fill

Cotton for the outside, and rubber as backup. That’s the only material combination you’ll need if you want high-quality collar fill. They are light and comfortable, but also an advantage on the mat, as it makes grabbing more difficult.


Colors are essential when it comes to choosing your Gi equipment. If you want to compete, you may only use black, blue or white, as per regulations. However, for training, the color choice is more flexible. Make sure to clear doubts with your trainer.

IBJJF Certification

Also known as the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Every BJJ Gi must meet its standards to guarantee its quality.

Weave Variations

Just as if you didn’t have enough to think about before buying a Gi, there’s also the weave style, which is another feature you should keep in mind before buying a new BJJ Gi.

There are three types, and many more miscellaneous, so we’ll go through them briefly;

Single Weave

The standard type of weave you’ll find in a Gi. Usually, these Gis are available at a reasonable price, allowing every new student to get them even with tight budgets. Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages you have to remember.

Single weave Gis are not as resilient as the other categories, but they do weigh less. When do they become necessary?

These Gis are suitable for beginners and students living in hot temperatures.        

Double Weave

By far, way more durable than our previous type. They are extra-thick, meaning that you’ll be able to use them when there’s a lot of pressure and abuse during your training sessions.

Naturally, they are far more expensive too. But, once you consider double weave Gis will last longer, paying a little bit more is more than understandable. After all, you won’t have to buy another one in a couple of months, but in several years ahead if you care for it properly.

Gold Weave

Here’s the alternative when single and double weave are not enough, or for people who can’t decide between the two. This type of weave design takes the best out of both worlds, sort of speech. By doing that, the result is a strong and highly reliable Gi with a comfortable weight.

Gold weave Gis are rather advanced equipment that requires some experience in this art. So, before making the call on this weave style, make sure to think about it for a little while. Of course, if you feel ready and have the money at hand, then, by all means, go ahead.

Other Weave

Of course, some brands prefer to go a different route and offer their unique takes on high-quality Gis by using new techniques. Such is the case of the ripstop, honeycomb or pearl weave, which are somewhat exclusive, and of premium quality.

Gi Sizing

Gis are regularly available in sizes ranging between A0 and A6, where the first one is the smallest and the later the largest. If you’re wondering what the “A” means, it stands for Adults. When you’re looking for kid’s apparel, you’ll encounter Gis labeled with other letters.

Also, even when brands share the same size labels, that doesn’t mean the measurements are the same. Make sure to check the uniform thoroughly before making your final decision.

On the other hand, there are two labels that you may encounter when looking for your BJJ Gi, those are either Pre-shrunk or Shrink-to-fit. What does that even mean? We’ll explain.


It is pretty straight forward. This label means that the material will not shrink after washing it. Because of this, the Gi maintains a consistent size for a long time. That’s not always, though. Be sure to keep track of it.


These Gis continue getting smaller, and way tighter as you wash them. Shrinking is a natural process that occurs after many washing cycles and drying processes. In due time, they will be the perfect fit for you.

Other Things to Consider

Here are some other stuff worth considering when buying your BJJ Gi;


The last thing you want is having a pair of sleeves that feel saggy. Also, it is quite tough to find the right measurements, meaning that you may have to spend some more time looking at options until you find the right one.

Don’t lose patience and continue researching until you find the perfect fit. You won’t regret it.


Oddly enough, many people don’t consider the trousers while picking a Gis uniform. The main focus seems to always be the jacket, for some reason.

But the trousers are important too. So, consider buying one that offers knees reinforcements to protect your joints. Ripstop 10 oz is a safe bet for most people.


More often than not, we underestimate the benefits of having long-lasting equipment. We choose to go for cheaper options to reduce costs when paying a little extra could be better in the long run.

It is no different with Gis. Even if it means investing a couple of bucks more, it is always better to have durable equipment since it allows us to get used to the fabric and make it work to our advantage.

Here, having pre-shrunk or shrink-to-fit Gis is a decisive factor. The first one often lasts more than the other.

As long as you take care of your BJJ Gi, it should serve you well for years to come.

10 Best BJJ Gi Brands

Now that you have a clearer image of what you need to consider before choosing your BJJ Gi, our next step is to review the offers available in the market. Let’s take a look at our top ten picks.

By the end, you’ll have found your top BJJ Gi for your purposes.

1.Top bjj gi Brand --Hayabusa Goorudo 3.0 BJJ Gi


Take a moment to get a closer look at this Gi, and then ask yourself, do you need anything else? In our first impression, it seemed to us that there was nothing this uniform can’t do. It looks incredible, feels comfortable, and allows you to move as freely as possible.

It offers the perfect balance between weight and softness, quickly becoming the preferred choice for training and competition alike.

The performance of this uniform is possible thanks to the 550 GSM design, featuring the gold weave construction using high-quality cotton. Just like most of the other Gis here, this one reinforces stress areas and the knees.

While most Gi pants feature ripstop 10 oz, this one offers 12 oz cotton. For the rest, there’s reinforced knees, and under the stress points as well. If an accident occurs, your limbs and joints won’t take a hard blow.

There are three colors available; blue, white and black. They don’t go too far when it comes to innovative design, but they work perfectly, and that’s enough for us.

Highlighted Features

2. Reevo Aerolight V2 BJJ Gi

When you’re looking for innovation, there aren’t many Gis capable of offering new and improved features like our next pick. Most noticeable, it includes state of the art tech to provide proper ventilation below the arms. It may not seem like a big deal, but it may be a game-changer for people.

For training sessions, it is an addition that works well for people that sweat a lot. It reduces inconveniences and frustrating moments by feeling comfortable throughout the routine.

For ultimate performance, this Gi features high-quality pearl weave construction design for the jacket, which turns into a less gritty apparel when compared to other brands. It is a manufacturing choice that makes the fabric work with 450 GSM to endure the abuse.

The ripstop quality is present in both items, and those are the collar and the pants. Furthermore, it also has quadruple stitching that works as an efficient reinforcement method in fragile spots.

You get everything when buying this Gi; there’s a jacket, the pants, and a sling bag unique to the brand, Reevo.

Highlighted Features

3.Fuji Suparaito BJJ GI -- Best bjj gi for beginners

It is easy to disregard this uniform under the first impression, as it doesn’t look like anything new, just the standard stuff you’ll encounter with any other brand out there. But, after trying it thanks to a recommendation from a friend, the performance was more than pleasing.

Yes, it is a Gi that offers very standard features like basic colors in blue, white, or black. The fabric is light, and it relies on a pearl weave to work when you’re either training or in a competition. As you can see, just because it is pretty normal, it doesn’t mean the uniform is bad.

The jacket is pearl weave, but the pants take all the compliments because of their triple reinforcement, which only makes the ripstop even better.

As a minor but interesting observation, we have the contrast between the stitching and the background colors. It sure does provide a clear sight of how well-made each of the pieces are. And, if there’s ever any tearing, you’ll be able to figure it out and act quickly to prevent it ruins the fabric.


Highlighted Features

4.SHOGUN Jiu Jitsu Gi -- Best lightweight bjj gi


What we have here is an ultra-light Gi available in three colors; black, blue, and white. Although, we have to admit that’s far from being its most interesting feature. Inside, you’ll find a beautiful drawing that matches well with any style even though not many people may be a fan of it.

The Gi is equipment made from 450 GSM and a combination of pearl weave with cotton for the jacket. Furthermore, the woven tape works as reinforcement for the jacket’s bottom, right at the base, and the sleeve cuffs too.

For the pants, the brand uses the sturdiness that only ripstop quality brings. They feel comfortable, tightly fit, and since it also includes cotton, it is capable of lasting a long time as well.

Almost everyone gets a chance to wear this Gi for their training. It is available in multiple sizes, from A0 to A5. It also counts with IBJJF certification as a clear sign of quality.

When you get the uniform out of the bag, don’t let the unpleasant smell put you off. Wash it, and it will go off.

Highlighted Features

5. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi


Like most of the Gis included on this list, this one is also available in the familiar colors; black, blue, and white. Each one features gold weave, which provides an outstanding feel on the skin, and more durability to withstand both the abuse and the test of time.

After all, it is a 450 GSM fabric that gives us the best medium weight and quality weave to offer. Benefits like strength and durability, to name a few. When you’re wearing it, regular tasks like rolling or training become way more bearable.

You also get the rashguard neck lining, ensuring an incredible performance since the moment you try the Gi on. It draws inspiration from real-life culture, creating a beautiful design that looks beautiful.

The pants are 10 oz ripstop. Not only are they light, but breathable as well. No longer will you have to take breaks every couple of minutes to get rid of moisture or sweat.

Finally, the reinforced collar is yet another element worth pointing out.

Highlighted Features

6. Sanabul Essentials V.2 BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi


It may take some washing cycles to get this Gi to its perfect condition. But once it gets there, boy it is satisfactory! For us, the A4 version is one of the best out of any brand, as it provides a spacious room in the section near the shoulders.

This Gi features the gold weave design, famously known for being two things; very comfortable, and highly durable. It uses a 400 GSM weave that combines the resistant of the double weave, and the lightweight from the standard single weave.

The pants are ultra-light, combined with breathable cotton to handle the sweating and water properly. If you sweat a lot, perhaps here’s the solution you needed all along.

On the other hand, the collar is stiff with reinforced quality. While performing on the mat, it becomes an asset instead of an inconvenience. Also, since it has some EVA rubber, it feels stronger.

Finally, the rashguard neck lining, which not only does make the Gi look incredible, but also safe to wear.

Highlighted Features

7. Hayabusa Shinju 3.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi

One of the very first things you get to notice about this BJJ Gi is how light it is when you get it out of the package. It sure does live up to its fame from people commenting on how comfortable it is to wear.

Upon further inspection, the jacket is such a well-made piece of apparel that it is almost unbelievable how cheap it is. It feels soft too! When other Gis require some washing to break and feel incredible, this one manages to provide that comfort from the first moment.

Its success lies entirely in the 500 GSM construction using the pearl weave style combined with cotton. Additionally, there’s a reinforced lapel and the stress areas.

For the pants, the manufacturer uses ripstop 10 oz, which offers reinforcement for the knees. Because of that, both novice and professionals could make good use of the Gi, taking advantage of all of its benefits.

After washing, the Gi may shrink a little, but not too much to make it uncomfortable.


Highlighted Features

8. Mamba Martial Arts BJJ Gi

Here’s the most interesting BJJ Gi we have on this list, for better and worse. Fortunately, this equipment offers more benefits than disadvantages, so that’s one less concern for you, my friend.

It is a BJJ Gi that looks and feels right from the moment you get it out of the package.

After trying it on a 5’6” person with 145lbs, it is almost as if it was intended specifically for those body dimensions. It is something we appreciate since it is not always you find a matching Gi for people of this height.

Even when many Gis look awful after washing, that’s not the case with this one. It manages to remain both incredibly good-looking and lightweight too.

There’s a built-in neck rashguard as well. It is comfortable from the moment you wear it, up until you take it off. You will also enjoy it if you like to wear your uniform without a shirt below. Hey, we’re not judging here!

This equipment is, for many reasons, one of the best fitting Gis the market has to offer to us.

Highlighted Features

9. Fuji BJJ Gi

This mid-weight BJJ Gi offers a sturdy and thick collar which, combined with multiple reinforcement features thoroughly, ensures that it fits your body comfortably during the most intense training or for grappling techniques.

Certified as top-quality IBJJF equipment, every single item in this uniform offers a comfortable wear. The premium cotton combination is also pretty durable when compared to other Gis, which gives you a better idea about why we included it here on our list.

Also, the BJJ Gi is very reliable, considering its low price. The pant waist, in particular, is one of our favorites as it fits perfectly.

Now, once you get to inspect the pants, you may find that they are a bit too large. It may not be an issue for everyone, but if it turns into a problem for you, know that you can solve it by shrinking the fabric through a couple of washing sessions.

A seemingly impossible issue to fix is the shoulders size, though. On the jacket, they feel too large unless you have wide shoulders or muscles.

10. Elite Sports Ultra-Light BJJ Gi

We’re finishing up our reviews with a no shrinking Gi. It features pre-shrunk material, so there won’t be any reason for you to worry about whether or not it will fit you in a couple of months. Regardless of how regularly you wash the fabric, it maintains its shape and size too.

It counts with IBJJF’s approval as the ultimate sign of quality. Better yet, you can find it in different sizes available for both men and women between 18 and 55 years old. For color variety, there are seven options you can choose varying between black, blue, green, grey, navy, pink, and white.

Something this Gi does right is the capacity to repel unpleasant smells. It does it through the anti-odor tech to disperse the sweating.

Both the ripstop pants and the beautiful top jacket feel comfortable and make us look dominant on the mat.

Included with the purchase, you get a free belt. Starting in any new martial arts is expensive for some people, so we can appreciate it when the brands are thoughtful with little details like this one.

Highlighted Features

BJJ Weight Guide

Are you confused about the Gis weight? Here’s our brief guide to understand them better;

Ultra-light Gis

These are the lightest type of Gis you can find, and they are better suited for regions with humid weather because they are not a burden, and the material is breathable, which is yet another benefit under warm temperatures.

Ultra-light Gis feature special weaves for more durability while requiring less material. Hence, less weight. You can use these during weighing when your body is near the weight limit.

Hybrid Gis

Every Gis that falls into this category is a mixture of the lightness provided by ultra-light materials and the many benefits provided by heavier gear, such as being thick without feeling like a burden.

You can use the hybrid light Gis for both competitions and training.


The equipment in this category is quite similar to the previous in terms of lightness and durability.

However, they have a better performance with noticeable improvements like materials of higher quality, such as; super-soft cotton, the weaves are thicker but remain light, better embroidery, and stitching.


To create these Gis, manufacturers use more materials, which consequently translates into more weight over your body when you’re wearing it. With Gis under this category, you’ll have a double-weave style for a thicker apparel.

Since there is more material involved, the price could be higher when compared to the other categories.

Of course, not everything is bad, as you get many benefits in return. For instance, the Gis are far more durable, giving you reliable gear for years to come. It also makes it harder for the adversaries to grab you, so there’s that too.

BJJ Gi History

Everyone training in Jiu Jitsu arts are well aware of what a Gi is, but do you know how they came to be?

Its origin traces back over a decade ago, in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. There, the Judo legend named Jigoro Kano took notice of how the routinary equipment was not what he envisioned for his students.

He wanted something else; he needed a uniform to withstand the pressure and intensity during every session.

Drawing inspiration from a traditional Japanese outfit like the Kimono, Mr. Kano had an epiphany; he had found what he was looking for, and so he began his task of creating proper uniforms for those practicing Judo.

Originally created using heavy cotton material, Jigoro Kano had designed the very first Gi uniform. Later on, as decades passed, the outfit would expand everywhere in Japanese martial arts, and it was perfect.

How to Fit Perfect Gi Fit

Having the perfect Gi could be complicated because you’ll want it to fit not too tightly, but enough so it doesn’t feel too saggy either. Once you find that perfect balance in-between, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Here we give you some quick checking you must do to see if the equipment fits you.

The Trousers

Before putting on your jacket, you need to check on the trousers first. Start by confirming that the pant cuffs are slightly over your ankles. In case there’s shrinking, you’ll still have enough fabric to fit.

Next, do some testing; move around and lift your knees to check there isn’t too much drag. Make sure the pant cuffs stay relatively down. Additionally, you can do some squats to see if you can move without any restraints.

The Jacket/Top

Put on your jacket, and place the collar overlaps over the stomach as you close it. Then, give it a little pull to make it fit comfortably over the chest without extra fabric getting in the way. Do a quick inspection to confirm it falls slightly below your waist, meeting the low side of your back.

The Sleeve's Length

Pull the jacket down once again to set it perfectly straight, and continue by sticking your arms out. Tug the sleeves to its maximum range, and point your wrist up with your fingers all up.

Here, the backside of your hand, right where it meets the wrist, should touch the cuffs, but just a little bit. That way, in the future, when it shrinks, it’ll have the perfect length.

The sleeves should never go beyond your fingers’ joint.

The Thumb Test

It is nothing complicated; set your arms down, thumbs up, and start lifting your arms bending the elbow joint allowing your thumbs to touch the shoulders.

Movement Tests

Pull your chest out, raise both arms above the head, and do many movements to check the jacket doesn’t come out of the belt. Move the arms around to see if you got the mobility.

Next, replicate your regular stance as a final test. If everything’s alright, then the Gi suits you just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why wear a Gi?

There are many reasons why you should wear a Gi, going from hygienic purposes to technical benefits when training. Also, wearing this uniform is a way to honor the first Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.

2. How many Gis do I need?

The standard amount of Gis to have would be two. The more, the better, of course! But not all of them are cheap, and we often don’t have the luxury to invest in many uniforms.

3. Should I consider buying crossover Gis?

A crossover Gi refers to Aikido, Judo, and sometimes Sambo Gis. They’re all efficient for their purposes, but they fall short when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu. For instance, they are not as durable.

4. What is the perfect Gi size?

This one’s tricky. For starters, you have to remember the size may vary between brands, but the regular measurements usually range between A0 to A6. And, of course, every body shape is different too. Consult with the manufacturer to find the perfect fit.

5. Is color important in Gis?

Yes, they are important. There are regulations for competition that only allow the use of certain colors, which are white, blue, and black. For training, the rules are more flexible, but you need to check with the trainer either way.


With the best BJJ Gi, every student has the right tools to become the master in due time. Consider all of your options to find one that fits, and then you’ll be ready to start putting the hard work in the training sessions

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