Top 3 Best 200 Lb. Heavy Bags for Heavy Weight Boxers

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You’re a heavyweight boxer — so obviously your opponent going to be more or less like you. Well trained, bulk, and hardcore. To defeat such an opponent, you must need to be doing a hell of practice, right?

You have to repeat your punches, low-kicks, high-kicks. Then work on your core, sharpen your accuracy, develop your balance. In total, you should get yourself fully prepared to bring down the hell over your opposition.

Now, the best thing that can help you a lot for doing intense practice is a punching bag. Of course, such a bulk guy like you need a bulky bag. Well, that’s why we are here. We are going to discuss the best 200 lb heavy bags so that you can train yourself hard to win the champion title.

Best 200lb Heavy Bags Reviewed

Selecting out heavy bags is not as hard as fighting in the ring, though; it was a pretty difficult job. We had to pick dozens of bags, filled them up, and our experts did some practicing workout to figure out the ins and outs of each model.

In the end, we got our hands on the top 3 heavy punching bags. So, roll your eyes on them to know more.

1. Ringside Unfilled Large Leather Heavybag

You need to do an efficient workout, right? And you can’t risk getting a bag that won’t be able to withstand your fierce punches and kicks. That’s why we bring to you the larger leather heavy bag from Ringside. It’ll hold up for years to prepare you.

You might be thinking that we’re bluffing about its durability, right? Well, the answer is no. Because it literally boasts long-lasting life due to being made of premium quality synthetic material.

This material shows finish exactly like leather, making it look elegant. As a consequence, you can wave away the worry of it wearing out.

Plus, do you know what makes it stand out from other bags? Its dimension. Yeah, it is 48-inch long and 16-inch in diameter. You see that’s really a big difference from usual bags, right? Thus, you’ll get a more realistic feeling of hitting your opponent by practicing with this bag.

Though you’ll get the bag unfilled, it’s a complete bag in itself. With the bag, you’ll get a swivel, a chain for hanging, and four holding points. Besides, at the bottom, you’ll find a D-ring. The ring will help you by delivering additional support and stability during an intense workout.

As it stands, this leather bag from Ringside comes without any foam lining. And if we talk about filler material, you get the choices of cloth, compressed rags, or most common sand. Don’t worry, the filler material will stay in place, as there’s a zipper for closing the bag.

However, it is recommended to use a combination of sand and cloth and put a PVC pipe at the center. You can use a metal stick to compress the filler at the time of adding. Do you know why you should use cloth? Because fabric will give you a more realistic feeling of punching.


2. MaxxMMA Water/Air Training & Fitness Heavy Bag

Of course, you’re searching for an excellent punching bag that can take your kicks and punches. How about you we give you something that offers versatility along with the power of taking your shots? So, check out the water/air heavy bag from MaxxMMA.

Speaking of versatility, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s a multipurpose bag. Damn right, this bag offers four modes — heavy bag mode, fitness mode, uppercut bag mode, and MMA dummy ground mode. As a result, you can choose your model according to your training session and bring the heat on the floor.

Aside from that, this bag from MaxxMMA is perfect for training, throwing, grappling, MMA ground and pound as well as fitness. Boy o boy, what else can you ask from a punching bag!

To top it off, it integrates water/air technology so that the water can move across the bag as if it’s moving. In this way, this bag replicates a real opponent movement. Thus, your workout would feel more challenging and naturalistic. By the way, you’ll get the pump and water hose with the bag.

Meanwhile, it’ll drive you to hold your balance during exercise. So, you can work on your core, abdominals as well as overall balance, which will ultimately help you during a fight.

Moreover, the bag comes with a dimension of 3-feet height and 13-inch diameter. Not only that, but it is also made of non-recycled and high resilience PVC. You’re, therefore, getting a large bag with utmost enduringness that will assist you for a long time.

Last but not the least, the look of this punching bag will surely sweep off your feet. It incorporates a great and outstanding neon-black color combination that looks aesthetic and classy.



3. PROLAST Filled Boxing Heavy Punching Bag

Advanced athletes like you need a professional heavy punching bag that can back you up during hard-hitting workouts. Well, then you should consider the punching bag from PROLAST. Do you know what does the word PROLAST stand for? It means “Professional Products Made To Last”. Cool, right?

As such, this bag is forged with a powerful water-repellant canvas along with a synthetic leather cover. Not only that, but it also integrates the exterior shell of RIP-STOP technology with quadruple-stitched throughout all stress seams. As a result, it’ll be able to resist stains, weathering, etc. to go a long way.

During the intense practicing time, it’s obvious that you’re going to deliver high kicks, low kicks, and punches as hard as you can. But are you worried whether this bag can take it all? No worries, it is packed with shredded poly-fiber of high density that will absorb your every strike with no groan.

Nonetheless, it comes with an enduring seat belt of nylon straps along with D-rings that is triple stitched. Well, it’s going to remove the excess noise and alleviate the chains. Besides, its balanced weighting system will help to keep the bag steady and dependable at the time of your training.

 Since you’re in search of a big punching bag, you’re going to love this heavy punching bag from PROLAST. The dimension of this bag is 48-inches in height and 14-inches in diameter, making it suitable for your workout session.

Besides, if we talk about weight, then it weighs just about 80-85 pounds. However, the weight varies depending on the fabric density. So, you should fill up the bag depending on the weight you want during practice.


What Are the Benefits of Using 200 lbs. Punching Bag?

Being a heavyweight boxer, you realize how much force your punch and kicks exert, right? Now you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that if you hit a lightweight bag, then it will become so unstable that you won’t be able to practice. It would seem like the bag is doing ballet!

That’s why you need to use 200lbs. heavy bag. The benefits of using such a bag are quite a few. First of all, no matter how hard you give the blows and mighty kicks, it neither will swing nor will get unbalanced.

Then again for the heavier individuals, 200 lbs. is a decent amount of weight. In fact, such weight can greatly give the similitude of realistic fighting conditions. See, you will surely benefit from using a 200lbs punching bag during a training session.

So if you want to fight and probably win against a well-built bulky opponent in the ring, you should practice focusing solely on that aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it harmful if I hit a heavy bag every day?

Yes, it is. You may not get it, but if you hit a punching bag every day, then it could harm your boxing skills. The main reason is that the boxers who do overtrain often end up developing bad habits.

2. What is actually a good weight for a heavy punching bag?

Generally, you should size your heavy bag by half of your weight. For instance, if you weigh 180 pounds, you should get a 90-pound punching bag.

3. How long should I hit a heavy bag?

You can follow the Tabata style of exercise. In this method, you hit the bag for 20 seconds very hard and very fast at your utmost heart rate. Then rest for 10 seconds and repeat again. If you can last in this way for 5 minutes, then it should be enough.

4. Can I only use sand to fill the punching bag?

Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. Because just using sand and sawdust will make the bag too dense and heavy.

5. Which is better cardio boxing or running?

Whether you’re running outside or on your basement treadmill, it is definitely a good workout that will burn calories. However, throwing punches can also assist you in losing weight than running, if you include sprinting and jumping rope in your exercise routine.

Final Verdicts

Above we’ve mentioned the best 200 lb heavy bags to fortify you during the practicing session. We believe that any heavyweight boxer will get their ideal punching bag amongst our model. So, stop wasting time and get one of these bags right now to get yourself prepared.

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