Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag Review

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Aqua training bags are becoming a popular method of practice all around the world. In gyms, aqua training bags are regularly taking over the conventional method of traditional bags. They offer the same level of skill development as traditional punching bags but come with lesser physical impact.

These training bags are a blessing for boxing or MMA players.  However, a good aqua punching bag review will help you to get the best for your improvement. In this article, we will review the one training bag that earned its credibility through many professionals’ long-term experience.

Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag Review:

Aqua is a USA based renowned brand for making Aqua training bags. They distribute their manufactured training bags all over the world. They have many kinds of aqua bags available. However,  in our review, we will discuss over 21” Aqua Heavy Training Bag (190 lbs). 

21” Aqua Heavy Training Bag (190 lbs) Features Review:

The 21 inches 190 lbs aqua training bag is a very wise choice for people who prefer flexibility over carrying weights. It is very comfortable to carry with you while you travel. And can be quickly filled with water from your nearest water resource (<5 minutes). You can quite easily discharge it as well. 


This Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag is quite durable and can endure any kind of tough sport. This aqua training bag utilizes the full potential of water. You can strike with all you got yet it will not swing all over your place. It will hold its position and let you focus on your practice to the best level.

It is made of handsome materials, filled with water inside, it can absorb any level of impact you through at this box. Moreover, the resistance provided by this bag is perfectly balanced. It accepts your strikes whenever you create one without returning any high-value impacts. This offers safety for your muscles. You can punch or strike as much as you want without getting hurt or hampering your muscles.

However, If you strike on the bag inappropriately, you might feel a sharp sense of pain starting from your hand and spreading to your shoulder. Blessing to Aqua that, their training bags take care of these types of occurrence carefully. 

In our insight, 21” Aqua Heavy Training Bag 190 lbs should be your personal company helping you in increasing your strength of muscle. However, even after purchase, you feel like you are not satisfied and facing problematic issues with this bag, you can always send it back. Aqua Heavy Training Bag comes with an official 2-year warranty. 

  • Easy to fill with water.
  • Tolerant to any level of impact.
  • Flexible but holds to its position firmly; doesn’t swing much.
  • Easily portable
  • Improves your striking abilities.
  • Doesn’t take too much space to set up.
  • Doesn’t come with a proper setup manual.
  • According to some users, this is less durable than other water training bags.

What Is An Aqua Training Bag?

Aqua training heavy punching bag is entirely filled with water. The nature of water makes it an excellent candidate for absorbing heavy impacts without any punishable feedback. Hence, Aqua Training Heavy Punching Bag can respond to players’ heavy punches without offering them any physical obstacles. It allows them to improve their punching skills through rapid practice.

Benefits of Water Punching Bag

If you are wondering how water training bags can possibly help you improve your punching skills, here are some list of benefits you will get with aqua training bags:

  • Water punching bags are more resistant to your strikes. Even if you strike in a slightly different angle, the possibility of getting hurt is quite less than other hard bags.
  • They are comfortable to carry anywhere you like. After discharging water, the bags will weight quite less and you can carry them in your side bags easily.
  • Water bag weight can be easily adjusted. You can fill the water bags halfway and your bags will swing more. This way, professionals can utilize the motion of the punching bag and fight against it.
  • Water punching bags provide extreme safety to your arms and muscles. You can strike as hard as you want but these bags are quite forgiving.
  • Conventional training bags can get flat or hard on some spots with the flow of time. However, Water punching bags avoid such phenomena. They can hold on to their actual elastic form as long as their outer shell is intact.
  • Even though water bags are really easy to use for beginners. It is strictly suggested to start with water bags by wearing gloves on hands. Otherwise, your knuckles might get hurt.

Installation Of Aqua Training Bags

Setting up an aqua bag is probably the simplest way. You don’t have much job to do once you buy it. Follow the guidelines below and it will be done in no time:

  • After unpacking the aqua bag, hang it from a strong hook.
  • Make sure you remove the plug from the bag.
  • Connect the nozzle of your training bag to a hose.
  • Fill it to your desired hardness and softness.
  • Once you are done with filling water, your aqua training bag is ready to use.

Extended Use

Many professionals and experienced are impressed using the aqua training bags. However, most of them have noticed the unique selling point of these training bags. And it is the close-up training. Aqua training bags offer players a unique technique for strong punches. It doesn’t matter how hard you place your punches. The level of acceptance by water training bags is rare compared to other training bags. Durable rubber with 190 pounds of weight is ready there to take your heavy power strikes, hits from your elbows, knees, and front kicks. 

Kicking the Aqua Punching Bag

Aqua Water Training Bags are not only suitable for heavy punches, but they can also take quite hard kicks as well. However, most often it can get hard to throw round kicks or power kicks on aqua training bags barefoot. You may face challenges because these punching bags will slide away.

However, it is suggested to wear shoes while you practice kickboxing. You will feel much better. Trust me! These Aqua Punching bags might not be a good option for Muay Thai style kicks, but they are perfect for boxers’ choice. Professional boxers couldn’t apply better practicing techniques in any other punching bag. 


Aqua training bags are globally available among boxers or MMA players right now. The usability of these bags is not only confined to gym use only. You can bring them for indoor use as well. Place it anywhere of your home and practice as hard as you want. However, maintain all the precautions before hitting hard on the aqua training bags. A minor slip in your moves can hamper your entire boxing career for a lifetime.

In our article, after studying several aqua heavy training bags, we decided to show up the best for you. We hope our aqua punching bag review was useful to you. Stay with us and get important reviews of exciting products daily.

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